Sony officially cuts The Order 1886 price

Sony officially cuts the MSRP of The Order 1886 after retailers have been offering deep discounts on the PS4 game for months.

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Death1234d ago

This is actually pretty sad. It's one thing for fans to turn like they did, but for Sony to do this it's surprising. SCE Santa Monica is also credited for development with Sony publishing and marketing the game. While there is no doubt Ready at Dawn is responsible for the product they created, they aren't the only ones responsible. Someone at Sony green lit everything that was done including game length and feature set. If nothing else Sony should be supportive of RAD and not cut ties with their first game that underperformed. Many fans feel strongly that a sequel would be welcome and the feedback The Order received would help insure it is what the fans actually want.

deadpoolio3161234d ago

Your aware that Sony never owned Ready at Dawn right? They are third party independent developers, and its not their first game they have made several for different publishers...This is like their third game with Sony

TomShoe1234d ago

Not really surprising that Sony cut ties with [email protected] following the game's flopping. It gives the indication that the game was a somewhat expensive failure. Shame though, I would have liked for them to make a sequel, but I doubt that's happening now.

For what it was, it was a pretty fun cover shooter. I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it, but for a rental, it's not that bad.

Genuine-User1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Yep, they have created 4 games and ported 2.

Dropping the price is a good thing for consumers, is it not? I don't get the drama.

Also, I hope more people get to play The Order, it's not that long but it looks superb, plays well and performs exceptionally well.

Letthewookiewin1234d ago

It's one of the most technically polished games I've played in a while. Just wasn't very good. I think 20$ is a fair price, especially as a showpiece game, there is nothing that looks better on consoles still, (though Arkam Knight is pretty stellar).

Army_of_Darkness1234d ago

Why are people acting so mellow dramatic about this?! LOL! it's a freaking price cut on a game that is currently not selling as well for full price for crying out loud!
Here's an easy explanation: Reduced price of the order 1886 means hesitant gamers that didn't want/ or couldn't afford too pay full price for it can now buy it ;-)
More sales is better than nothing.

nX1234d ago

Don't crush his point like that, he just wanted to concern-troll a bit. Lowering the price is not sad at all, the game released half a year ago, it's about time they give us new incentives to buy it,otherwise people wouldn't bother with it anymore.

Death1234d ago

Didn't say lowering the price is sad. Cutting ties to Ready at Dawn because The Order didn't sell as well as Sony wanted is sad. Ready at Dawn co-developed The Order with Sony Santa Monica. Sony was there for the games development. Ready at Dawn was acting as a second party for the game. The IP is owned by Sony. The studio is composed of former Naughty Dog and Blizzard employees and has only done one game that wasn't on a Sony platform. Sony dropped support for the dev which is forcing them to go multiplatform. Of course now that they are going multiplatform all the n4g users that supported them in the past will be glad they are gone. :(

BlackTar1871233d ago


Goes both ways. If they go Multiplatform now their next game is going to be uber awesome. Amirite?

guitarded771233d ago

I started and beat the game this past weekend. I got it for $30 new on Amazon, and would have been pissed had I bought it at $60 new.

People bitched about the quick time events, but I thought it was more the implementation of the QTE's. The game was very short, felt forced, and never opened up. It felt like a giant tutorial instead of a game.

The visuals were great, and the special weapons were awesome, but you never really got to use them for any amount of time. The game was just too short, too closed and too forced. Had it been longer, with more open level and gameplay design, and QTE's not been so lame in implementation, it could have been a great series.

The argument of green lighting it is not all there because if someone had showed me the best parts of the game, and said "It's more of this", then I would be excited. But the game didn't capitalize on those great parts. It felt more like an interactive movie with a few segments of great gameplay.

freshslicepizza1233d ago

"Lowering the price is not sad at all, the game released half a year ago, it's about time they give us new incentives to buy it,otherwise people wouldn't bother with it anymore."

the game came out feb. 20. that is 4 1/2 months ago, no need to exaggerate to try and break the news gently. bloodborne came out march 24 and it's still $60. dying light came out jan. 27 and it's $50.

prices usually drop faster on products that aren't selling as well. the order wasn't very good by metacritic results and sony never did say how well it sold. the game also failed to chart well in npd released info.

we have heard it all before, the critics were not fair, that npd results only counted the last few days of the month even though the next month didn't show the game in the top 10 either.

this happens from time to time, some games are simply not that good, oh well. there are other better games like bloodborne so there is no real reason to keep defending this game.

bouzebbal1233d ago

More people getting to try this game is a good thing. I actually just got back to it since a long period only playing bloodborne and I still enjoyed the hell out of it. Looks phenomenal and plays fine. 7-8/10 to me due to cruel lack of boss battles.

oasdada1233d ago

i hope now people can see that they over reacted a little.. the game was excellent

Death1233d ago


The game is what it is. It wasn't reviewed by fanboys of other systems, it was by many independent reviewers. I would hope they learn from the criticism they received when making their new game. I believe the reviews and sales are justified for the product they put out. I do not believe Sony should have cut ties for having one game that didn't perform as they had hoped.

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InTheLab1234d ago

According to "fans", the game was almost perfect as is. What is there to improve with fans like that? And the blame for it's poor critical reception fall squarely on the shoulders of RaD. In order for the game to be a success, they would have to make a completely different game and scrap everything but the lore and graphics.

Scatpants1234d ago

I'd say I'm a fan of it, but I don't think it's perfect as is. The climbing mechanics felt canned and not fun and there weren't enough interesting gameplay scenarios, but the game is amazingly beautiful. Sometimes I would just stop to look at stuff. Also I like where the story seems to be going.

Jaqen_Hghar1234d ago

No one was saying it was perfect (no game is other than Ratchet and Clank ACiT) but considering the amount of smearing this game got for doing what many other, more highly praised games had done it was necessary to defend it. These people got labeled because they only had positive things to say, however that was mostly because the negatives had been covered extensively by everyone else. It was quite a fun game for a man. A 7/10 and a man is a tough grader. Also highly replayable due to the cinematic presentation. A man is keeping it because he can see himself replaying it for the journey every year or so as with many of his favorite games. Main complaints would be that it should be a little longer and maybe have some RPG elements. Upgrading weapons with use or attachments and a weapon wheel would be cool like Resistance 3 (a man's favorite FPS ever).

ninsigma1233d ago

It's almost perfect in the way it performs. Very few bugs, looks incredible and runs very smoothly. After that, liking the game is down to preference. I personally very much enjoyed the game. It was by no means the greatest game ever released but it was an average length corridor thrid person shooter with heavy narrative. Exactly what I was looking for. Could have improved the werewolf fights a lot though. That was my biggest gripe with the game.

Spotie1233d ago

According to gamers, it was a solid game that was exactly what it was portrayed to be. People that went in looking for 50 hours of gameplay and something revolutionary were sorely disappointed, but the blame for that lies squarely on the shoulders of the ones who had those expectations to begin with.

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Loktai1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

The game is almost exactly the same length as Ryse. Ryse launched at 59.... also approved by microsoft R&D and so on. And now its like 10 bucks. Dropping the price is the right thing obviously.

Completely strange of them to cut ties over it...
Its actually a great looking game but yeah its....
its short and movie-ish.


10 bucks where??? I will go and buy it today if it is. I hate I traded it in.

Kribwalker1234d ago

^^i felt the same, went and bought it again for $14.99 used at a little video game store by me

StrawberryDiesel4201233d ago

Ryse was an epic launch game and there's really nothing like it in terms of setting. It truly feels like Gladiator the game in my opinion. The combat is actually much better than fanboys say too.

Loktai1233d ago


Digital- alot of places online. I Have seen it for sale around that pricepoint as well I Dont recall if it was best buy or gamestop or where but, I Do know digitally it goes for about that much. And of course the PC version also does.

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NukaCola1234d ago

Bought it and platinumed in about 11 hours. Great graphics and story. Characters and dialog is was brilliant. Pacing was fine. Only problem I thought was it was too dependent on a cover system and you could stay in one spot because of the AI who didn't flush you out. But with a sequel and a more open area, this series could be big.

kneon1234d ago

My main problem with the game is one that I have with many games, they failed to make me care about their characters.

ninsigma1233d ago

Those lycan fights needed improving as well. They were a not as well done copy of some parts of dead space. I thought the shooting and covering mechanics were great though.

generic-user-name1233d ago

I agree with pretty much everything you say. It was a 7/10 game for me. I don't believe it deserved some of the poor reviews it got.

I firmly believe that the game achieved what it set out to do, I just think that what it set out to do was different to what reviewers, players expected.

Lycan battles should have been better though, can't excuse that.

3-4-51234d ago

Sony cutting price isn't sad, it's been out a while, it makes sense considering the type of game.

They want as many people to play it as possible because the dev's of said game want to continue the story and world.

They are building up fans for the next business decision really.

Dark111234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

There won't be a "next one" The game bombed HARD both critically and commercially.

It's just business.

Also it seems RAD no longer working with sony

Dramacydal1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

How is RAD no longer working with Sony when they've said the opposite? I guess it's fun to make shit up that doesn't exist in linked articles, but allow me to show the the best way. Then you don't look ignorant passing off opinion and guesses for facts.

"Weerasuriya: We will always value our partnership with Sony and as a result the close relationship we have enjoyed. For the last decade, RAD has showcased many different PlayStation platforms through the games we have created, and we definitely hope to continue in that endeavor. "

Also, The Order: 1886 was DOPE and completely underrated.

Death1233d ago

You missed this,

"At the same time, we have worked very hard to make sure that our engine and technology suite is multiplatform. What we did on the PS4 for The Order: 1886, we can also do today on Xbox One, PC, and on an additional unannounced platform."

Dramacydal1233d ago

Not at all, that's what the link is for. And thanks for helping to show RAD hasn't stopped working with Sony, they simply expanded their portfolio.

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Ozmoses1234d ago

how is this sad?? months after the game comes out it gets a price reduction...

standard business practice....

however, a game like Evolve... well see now that was reduced in price not even a MONTH after the game came out...

ahhh, but know one ever remembers that type of stuff.

Scatpants1234d ago

I thought about buying that, but I'm afraid I would play it for 15 minutes and never play it again.

Dramacydal1234d ago


It's a really, really good game. All I can say is give it a try. I think you'll sit in amazement wondering what the hell people are complaining about.

Maxor1234d ago

Ryse can be had for $20-25, and that's where this game belongs.

Maxor1233d ago

I played both Ryse and The Order. Did you?

Dramacydal1233d ago

Own and beat them both. Worht more than $20-25, but...bygones.

ninsigma1233d ago

Where is this cutting ties with [email protected] coming from??
They were never owned by Sony and from an interview they gave a while back indicated they wanted to stay independent so they can improve their engine and what not and progress into a big standalone company. I think everyone expected them to become first party too much before the game released.

Now maybe I'm wrong and they have said they've cut ties with [email protected] If so, got a link??

raWfodog1233d ago

I think people are referring to this article:

It's listed as a rumor though so I guess it hasn't been confirmed as fact yet.

showtimefolks1233d ago


Ready at dawn were responsible for 100% of the development, ready at dawn published the game under Sony Santa monica's banner and Sony Santa Monica is under Sony's 1st party banner

Sony Santa Monica have also published other games like starhawk. Santa Monica actually helps other developers.

But at no point did they develop the game, yes they should have known the game length and it's not much features

And this game has been out for a little while so I think it's the right time to cut the price to get added sales in slow months. I think Sony has already made the money, this game did decent at launch at full price

Ready at dawn and now working on a game for ocalus, they are 3rd party independent studio. At no point did Sony buy them, Sony might have if their game was a success

Nick_The_Slick1233d ago

$30 is the right price for this movie slash game. I'm sure it will be on PS+ soon enough and I'll play it that way.

Xb1ps41233d ago

I'll buy it when it hits 30$ or less digitally.. No discs over here... Done with those things. Although it's about time they start adjusting the prices or adding better incentives for digital..

Sitdown1233d ago

Didn't anybody realize that we are commenting on an article about a price cut for a game? Is this a new low? Hasn't the game been out for a while now? Sony had no choice when retailers have been undercutting their price.

scientificreasoning1233d ago

Whats sad is how much MS had to cut the price of X1 so fast and is still getting outsold by the competition.

Nick_The_Slick1233d ago

They only cut the price by $50... That's nowhere near as bad as what Sony had to do with the PS3...

IamTylerDurden11233d ago

Sony didn't cut ties, RaD is independent of Sony, not a 1st party. The "cutting ties" theory is bs. The game underperformed and RaD restructured their company.

The Order is 6months old and it was cut to 40$ msrp... that isn't an unusual thing. Wtf?

Honestly, ppl have a twisted perception of The Order, 90% of the haters never played the game, just like Vita haters. It was no less than 10hrs on my first playthrough on hard. It was always marketed as a cinematic story driven tps, not gears of war. I got the 150$ LE and i'm pleased, i got what i expected, just like with the LE of Bloodborne. I knew what each game was b4 i bought it.

Tell me why it was bad? It was short? The combat wasn't frequent enough for some, but it was well implemented and effective when it happened. The voice acting was top notch, visuals were stunning, and i thoroughly enjoyed the lore and story. I'm not someone who makes fun of qte's just bc it's popular to do so, guess those ppl never played twd or HR? The setting made me think about the world long after the game was over, they created an awe-inspiring world and a technical marvel with The Order, and it's disturbing how it gets little credit for the abundance of things it gets right but gets shredded for ppl misunderstanding what it is.

I love The Order 1886.

SolidGear31231d ago

I totally agree. Finally got a ps4 on Sunday and finished The Order yesterday. I loved every minute of it.

nosferatuzodd1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Some people are natural born fools . They don't even know how to troll properly

ramiuk11233d ago

this was a great game that people jumped on for not understanding the direction of the game.

loved the entire game myself.

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TheDreamCorridor1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

This game had lots and lots of potential to be a fantastic alternate history science fiction story but was ultimately bland.

It's too bad that this series may never return.

Lamboomington1233d ago

It was actually something special, especially story and lore. If they didn't rush the story and also if the gameplay presentation wasn't so simplified...

They should have done a sequel with much more complex gameplay. More mechanics and more depth, and it seems ok to me then.

Sitdown1233d ago

"should have done"?

Is there not time to still do this?

BattleTorn1233d ago

I think the game's greatest strength was it's potential to become a franchise, honestly.

Shitty that Ready At Dawn likely won't get the chance, and Sony will likely not ever revive it themselves

StrawberryDiesel4201233d ago

I have to disagree. Every game could have been better, with The Order there should have been more gameplay/freedom and less cutscenes and forced gameplay segments. I still think they did a great job overall with the setting/atmosphere and specifically the story, that was very well done.

Dread1234d ago

This game has a lot of potential. The first one did not live up to the hype (at best) , but it I am still interested in the game.

I hope that the developers redeem themselves with a sequel, and please Sony keep the support!!!.

hiredhelp1234d ago

Can I ask what was soo bad about the Game.

Rookie_Monster1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Go read some reviews. Short, repetitive, too much cut scenes, black borders get in the way of your cover mechanic, gameplay that the CPU keep holding your hand, recycled boss battle are some of the things that had gone wrong with the game. Rented it and beat it on about 7 hours. But those visuals, WOW..the best on this generation so far with only Ryse come anywhere close to it.

Sora_19941234d ago

Of course you rush to say something bad about it right?.
Anyway @hiredhelp for the most part its just to short gameplay wise, the shooting was excellent just wasn't enough of it and they give you no reason to go back and play the game. It needed more modes, online something but its still a good game with some work it could have been fantastic

Rimeskeem1234d ago

You didnt even go for the plat.....

MasterCornholio1234d ago

The PS4s CPU keeps holding your hand?

The heck are you talking about?

Septic1234d ago

It's a s*** game with pretty visuals. Stop defending that tripe ffs. The premise has potential mind you but the game was absolutely garbage aside from the amazing voice acting and facial animations and visuals.

Rookie_Monster1234d ago

If anyone that is looking for a totally unbias review with a video showing exactly what I am talking about, go view the ever popular Angry Joe 4/10 review of the Orders and you will see all the points I had just pointed out and more. Most of the Comments on that page have people that also testified about their experiences with the game.

Jaqen_Hghar1234d ago

the black borders thing is an idiotic complaint. Not once did they get in the way of gameplay and a man played through twice so far (highly revisitable game due to its cinematic nature). That's just people hearing news beforehand and it's clearly a placebo effect.

hiredhelp1234d ago

Thx for the Reply guys I saw many videos but was waiting on price drop for my pockets despite being short and no replay value, its a game i have to grab otherwise i be kickng myself I didnt mind the borders looked movie themed The visual just jaw dropping Sony owns the IP so maybe if they do revive give it a worthy sequel maybe they can get right what some didnt like.
I do agree MP this knda game would been nice thx all.

Irishguy951233d ago

Yeah and the mass of idiots on this site defended and defended it. You could tell from the first gameplay vids it was going to be terrible. People who defended it saying it was a great experience now revert to "Oh it wasn't that bad, there are better but it was okay"...No it wasn't okay, it was a damn waste of money and time just like Ryse. And Ryse was just the same. Boring and repetitive. If you have ever played an actual decent Tps or Action game, you can only see these two games as pure ****. But fanboys be fanboys and n4g stays classy

ninsigma1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )


It is in no way a crap game. You have some really strong hate towards this game for absolutely no reason. It is no worse than any other game out there that doesn't get the bashing this does. There was also nothing garbage about it. It had areas to improve on but was a good game all round. I think you just like to hate on it.

not that short.
you mean you want it to stop being a third person shooter half way through??
yes there are a lot of cutscenes.
Black borders in the way of covering?? What!? That's just a lie.
There are SOME hand holding areas.
Yes they could have done with varying the boss fights.

"beat it on about 7 hours"
How is 7 hours short?? That's about average for a game of its ilk.

edit: fixed spelling

edit 2:

couldn't have been that bad then if there was a "mass" of people saying it was good ;)