Microsoft's post-Yahoo! plan worries Wall Street

Wall Street gave a lukewarm response yesterday to Microsoft's plans to build its online business in the wake of its failed six-month battle to buy Yahoo!.

Analysts, who had been invited to the software group's Seattle headquarters to hear an address from Steve Ballmer, the chief executive, expressed frustration at the lack of detail shown to them about how Microsoft plans to spend $500 million (£250 million) on expanding its online business so that it can better compete with Google, the world's biggest internet company.

Microsoft is trying to seize more of the $40 billion a year online advertising market, the lion's share of which is taken by Google.

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Dark vader3709d ago

I think is too late for microsoft to compete with google. Google search engine and youtube(which is own by google) is too popular. Is just like i-pod and zune, Microsoft took to long to release zune, by the time they released it i pod was already to mainstream. Microsoft is always late to the party.


THAT is because they COPY AND PASTE from the market leaders and innovators.

imitation is a form of "acknowledgement of Pwnage" to the one being copied.

TheColbertinator3708d ago

Microsoft is fighting three wars against Google,Apple,and Sony and Nintendo.Lets see if it can keep up

Sayai jin3708d ago

@Steven Colbert-It's called business not war. :)

The gaming GOD3708d ago

Is there a difference?

Business IS war. And war IS business.

I could explain what I just said, but to be honest it's sort of disheartening

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StephanieBBB3708d ago

How about spending those $500 million on poor people in Africa or another troubled area? I mean for gods sake let google have it's glory days and instead save some god damn lives!

Sheddi3708d ago

who the hell disagreed with u ?

kevin11223708d ago

only problem is the money never gets to the people who need it. all corrupt leaders over there.

Sayai jin3708d ago

Huh? You do realize that MS and Bill Gates donates in the hundreds of million charities. Back on topic, Google is not going anywhere anytime soon. MS just needs to get used to that.

juuken3708d ago

You can't defeat Google Microsoft.

GameDev3708d ago

@ yet another failed venture these turds will embarrass themselves with. MS will always fail. WANNA KNOW WHY??

they think money first, consumer second.

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