Brothers Pledge $20,000 To Shenmue 3 To Bring Exposure To China’s Schools For Underprivileged Kids

"Twin 35-year-old brothers have pledged a total of $20,000 to the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter in order to bring exposure to their “V.E.T. Program” (Volunteer English Teacher) in which they help the children and young adults in and around the small villages of China’s Guilin area to learn English."

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Godz Kastro1140d ago

This story really seems but backwards. Shouldn't the under privileged get that 20k?

bmwfanatic1140d ago

I think they are hoping that the publicity of donating will turn that 20k into 100k for their school.

Xavior_Reigns1140d ago

Hopefully that's the way it turns out, otherwise... ugh messy situation.

ZaWarudo1140d ago

Who needs chairs and desks when you have Shenmue 3!!!!

Rimeskeem1140d ago

oh, why don't they come up while you submit news anymore?

rdgneoz31140d ago

Except your link seems a bit more thought out / well written, and more in depth than the previous article.

Rimeskeem1140d ago


Thanks, I didn't write the article however but did find it interesting enough to share. Glad you were interested.