360 fall dashboard update leaked

Last week at the now shambled mess our poor industry calls "E3", Microsoft showed off a fancy new 360 dashboard, entitling it "The Xbox Experience", giving themselves the self-importance normally reserved for kings. Luckily, we do have some very naughty people in our industry who like to take down companies a peg or two and force them to up their security, and low and behold someone has only gone and leaked the new fancy dashboard update over at the Maxconsole forums.

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boogeyman9993769d ago

Wait, so no one got to actually see it?

n00bFRAGGER3769d ago

Get me a copy and I'm set.

hokiebonoz3769d ago

how is it leaked if it doesnt work?

Megatron083769d ago

I know right Lol. Seem to me you be trading the bash board you have for one that doesnt work. That kind of be like trading in a perfectly good 360 for one that has rrod

outlawlife3769d ago

who doesn't want to install an os on their console that is 5 months from completion?

seriously, why would you even want to do it? to say you had it first?
it isn't even complete yet, half of the functions are gimped because they haven't been released yet

i really don't understand why you would wast the time/effort

just wait fot it, probably out around either gears launch or first week of december since that is when last years came out(december 4)

i'll wait for the complete product

Alvadr3768d ago

I agree, the reason why its not out yet is because its not ready. Its probebly littered with bugs that could kill your console, damage your saves, nerf your gaming and god knows what else.

TheDude2dot03769d ago

This dashboard update is so pointless. The blades were fine, the only thing I'm looking forward to is installing on my hard drive. Sadly I'm running out of space because of Rock Band DLC.

mesh13769d ago

@trench and above
OFC YOUR NOT LOOKING forward to the 360 update your avid sony fanboys .

TheDude2dot03767d ago

Err... english please?

And what's with the disagrees? You really think this dashboard update is necessary?

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The story is too old to be commented.