This is what a Batman: Arkham-style Superman game could look like

GotGame writes: This is what we want in a Batman: Arkham-style Superman game.

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Zizi960d ago

I would not like any Superman games. I would choose Daredevil or Arrow games rather than that thick-body superhero.

slate91960d ago

Well since I don't think they will be doing any marvel, you might be out of luck

morganfell960d ago

Exactly. Rocksteady is a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. That said I wouldn't want them working on Daredevil. That character deserves better.

OUROSMAG960d ago

They need to come up with their own formula... Don't want an Arkham clone.

Zizi960d ago

I'd take any game Rocksteady makes, to be honest.

DougLord960d ago

Yes playing an overpowered god is soooooo fun. Like playing a 5 year old with religious parents in Mortal Combat.

Grap960d ago

I just can't relate to Superman, i know i can't relate to any super hero lol (if that make any sense), but he's invincible and that's why i don't like him, and i just didn't bite kryptonite weakness.

Ripsta7th960d ago

It could be about when he was a teenager and growing up to become superman?

fanboysmackdown960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

He's out saving the world from catastrophic events and he has to pick and choose where to be at any given time. Earthquake in China, cyclone in India, tornado in Oklahoma..... make it truly open world with the entire world as the map. Throw in some bad asses to wreak havoc....Lex Luthor, Atlas, Bizarro, Doomsday, etc. I think that would make a pretty interesting game.

d0x360959d ago

The whole world? What mythical console are you going to play it on? Who's going to make if? You gonna pay $400 for the game when its released after 15 years of development with a budget bigger than anything ever made before it? Hell no you won't and you wouldn't want to either. There is no point to a massive world if its empty and dead. Ever played watch dogs? Empty and dead.

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