Is the Batmobile A Dealbreaker in Batman Arkham Knight?

Described to the author as "It handles like a rusty old shopping trolley" they look at the over use of the Batmobile and how the game continues to insist you use it.

It also looks at the better gameplay mechanics that are not used as much but should have been and a final say on if it's really enough to spoil the game.

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JoeReno1137d ago

complain complain complain. granted at high speeds it doesn't handle great, but I enever let that stop me from getting Firefly.


NinjaRichParty1137d ago

No. Even the people that don't like it don't usually go as far as to say it's a deal breaker. That's jumping the gun. It's a damn fun game and just cruising Gotham in the Batmobile is still pretty fun.

spacedelete1136d ago

its the reason why i didn't buy the game as everyone agrees the batmobile sections are awful and they are like half the game. not worth it so i'll wait for goty edition