WoW: Lich King Beta Keys Fetch Hefty Price on eBay

Serial codes granting access to Blizzard's recently launched World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (PC) beta are being sold on internet auction site eBay for exorbitant sums of money following the beta's launch late last week.

The beta keys have sold as high as 652 Euros ($1022) on internet auction site eBay's UK arm. Meanwhile, recently completed listings in North America range anywhere from $200 to $650, with one listing going for $735.

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Tmac3592d ago

Some one has to be a hardcore loser.

IzKyD13313592d ago

probably one of those losers who got married on the game lol

micro_invader3592d ago

Lol bubbles.

Seriously, why would someone pay this much when it would be way cheaper to wait and maybe while they're waiting they could get a life?... Maybe?

sumfood4u3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Beta is fun an all but man seriously get a feaking life, u playing that game rewards U with "No life of the Year Award"! & Chicks dig Loosers lol.

Grassroots3592d ago

Now that's true dedication.

NoxiousD3592d ago

You got to be seriously messing with me.... are you serious? my best friend is addicted to the game, he got the beta and he doesn't care about it, maybe i can syphon it from him and use the money to buy these guys a clue... its not real life!!!

enjoi1873592d ago

wow i play games ....but those WoW gamers need to get a life and wash their hair at gamestop and everyone that buy a gamecard smells like ass