PCW Review: Novatech Solo Pro Centrino 2 PC

Centrino 2 laptops have been devilishly hard to come by since Intel launched the redesign. Novatech has, however, fitted the core components of a Centrino 2 laptop into its Solo Pro all-in-one PC. New components include the GM45 chipset, GMA X4500HD integrated graphics and on of the latest Core 2 Duo processors.

Centrino 2's new Wifi card (the 450Mbit/sec Wifi Link 5000) doesn't feature in the Solo Pro, which instead uses Intel's older 300Mbit/sec card. There's also no DDR3 Ram onboard (which Centrino 2 supports), with Novatech instead opting for 2GB 667MHz DDR2 Ram.

The Core 2 Duo P8600 beats at the Solo Pro's heart, running at 2.4GHz with 3MB L2 cache. It's one of five new processors to launch with Centrino 2, featuring a 1,066MHz front side bus (FSB). The P, rather than T, at the beginning of its name indicates it has a 25W thermal design point (TDP) rather than the 35W TDP mobile Core 2 Duos usually have.

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