Rare PS1-SNES Hybrid Set to Sell For a Small Fortune

Believe it or not, before the PlayStation was launched back in 1994 there was in fact a time when Sony and Nintendo were working together. It sounds hard to believe, but it really did happen – what you’re seeing here is what they very nearly gave birth to.

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Neonridr987d ago

but it was confirmed to be a fake.. why would it sell for a fortune?

Pozzle987d ago

That was my first thought too. I thought this was confirmed to be fake o_O

Army_of_Darkness987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

Some clueless idiot will buy it without doing some google research ....
And if it was real, what's even the point in wasting a fortune on it when you could be much smarter and buy a 65 inch 4ktv, high end gaming pc, the xbone, wiiU, a ps4 along with shit loads of games for each and maybe more?!

FriedGoat987d ago

It is not confirmed to be fake...

Articuno76987d ago

The story that it was fake was (to my knowledge) based on a mistranslation (or complete misunderstanding) of a Tweet sent out by the owner (that, IIRC, was written in French). It's really shocking that news sites would source their stories from a language they can't understand, and worse still that so many would follow suit in reposting the story without verifying the source for themselves.

DragoonsScaleLegends987d ago

It's not been confirmed fake and I doubt that this is fake since there really was a system like this created and shown by Sony.

Majin-vegeta987d ago

Actually yes it was confirmed to be fake.The guy who had it confirmed it on his twitter.There was an article on N4g about it.

FriedGoat987d ago

That guy on twitter was not at all the guy who owned it, it was just some guy who wrote an article, it was all speculation.

hkgamer987d ago

was it really confirmed fake? it does look very similar to the real design if i remember correctly but i guess that could be easily faked.

colouring of unit looks like it has aged correctly, but i suppose that could be faked aswell.

i guess it would be impossible to tell the difference between this and the real prototypes wherever they are being held. its not like they would work anyway.

Cha0tik987d ago

I just looked it up. I haven't been able to find any website that says it's fake besides some random journalists with no credibility that think it's fake. If I'm wrong simply link me to a creditable website that says otherwise but till then I think this shit is real.

Neonridr987d ago

sorry, it was reported as fake, but now that may be just an inside joke between a couple of people.

My main reason for concern as to why this would be a fake is for a couple of reasons. First, the name. It was never going to be called the Play Station initially that only came about after everything fell apart with Nintendo.

Secondly, where is Nintendo's name on this thing? This thing has Sony plastered everywhere with no mention of Nintendo anywhere, yet this system plays SNES games and was going to be a joint partnership. Would seem odd that one company gets their name everywhere but Nintendo's is nowhere to be seen, even on the SNES controller Sony has its name on it.

kayoss986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

The controller does say nintendo on it on the back. remember, Sony designed the system so that it can play both nintendo cartridges and CD. The only thing that belongs to Nintendo would be the brand name and their games. The entire system was built by Sony, and remember this was just a prototype of how the system would look. But of course if Sony and Nintendo's partnership came to fruition. We would have seen both their names on the system.

MyDietEqualsGames986d ago

It would make sense for Nintendo's name to be etched on the back since they probably held the patent to the design.

Neonridr986d ago

@kayoss - yeah, you might very well be right. We may never know the real answer to this question.. :P

RecentIdiocy986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

It was called "Play Station" by the time this unit was made:

"Sony did, however, make a few versions of the system (by this time, called the PlayStation). One was the SNES-CD just mentioned, another was a standalone system that could play its own CD games and SNES games (Sony later developed this into their own PlayStation, but this original version is not the same as the PlayStation we know today), and there was also a chipset that could be re-manufactured by anyone that was licensed to do so."

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TheGamingArt987d ago

I honestly haven't seen an article 'proving' it to be fake. The obvious eye will tell you that the disk drive rams into the cartridge bay and should be down per the original specs.....

Cha0tik987d ago

still waiting for that website dude

Neonridr987d ago

see my reply to your comment above "dude"..

Steven21986d ago

If you look at this article from 2012 it looks exactly like the one they have pictured... I don't think you can confirm it's fake unless you have some sort of inside knowledge or worked for the company at the time.

Cha0tik986d ago

I was just watching a interview with Yoshida regarding the system and he won't confirm or deny. The only reason I'm disputing it is because this is a prototype. It's very possible that they went through various designs and stuff before it was scrapped. It may be fake but I need a creditable source to say that this is fake.

3-4-5986d ago

* Guy who claimed it's a fake is some random person online who was WRONG. They jumped to conclusions, and did the whole "internet journalism" thing and just said whatever they wanted to.

Looks pretty real to me. Somebody will be able to figure out a way to make or create the proper power cables for it, but I wouldn't let just anybody mess with it.

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sloth3395987d ago

I don't think Nintendo would allow for their name to not be on it anywhere

RosweeSon987d ago

But all the old mock photos or any actual photos I've ever seen only ever said Sony Playstation like on the controller and top of the console, Nintendo would have been mentioned of course but I'm they are probably listed underneath the console if not would have been on the box (had these gone to retail) or in the small print and paper work but Sony were the driving force on this one so guess that's why they were getting the name maybe this is partly why the deal fell through as Nintendo didn't want to be co developers or even worse forgotten so went and do what they always do.. Their own thing.

Neonridr987d ago

The controller is an SNES controller. Highly unlikely they would allow Sony to have their name on something that Nintendo designed. Would not make any sense.

Dudebro90986d ago

Why would it be unlikely when the two were going to make a console together...

kayoss986d ago

Nintendo name is on the back of the controllers. If you watch the video, the guy actually show it to you.

hkgamer987d ago

none of the original designs had nintendo written on it. it was one of the main reasons nintendo didn't like it. times has changed though, if i remember correctly the panasonic gamecube didn't have nintendo on it .

Neonridr987d ago

the Gamecube logo was on the lower right side of the front of the Panasonic Q.

sashimi987d ago

why won't he wash those dishes and pots!

FallenAngel1984987d ago

I'd rather pay for one of those 20th anniversary PS4s

RosweeSon987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

Wouldn't let me attach pic in previous comment but yeah this is the only picture I ever saw from a few years ago and no mention of Nintendo from the front view, does look pretty cool tho for its time.
And still no pic but yeah google images Sony Nintendo jobs a goodun.

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