Black Ops 3 dev shocked by Deus Ex comparison. "We always start from real tech"

It's not a huge surprise that most people took one look at the new Black Ops 3 trailer and thought 'hmm, looks a bit Deus Ex-y', what with all the augmentations and so on. It was, however, a complete revelation to multiplayer director Dan Bunting.

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bixxel988d ago

lol COD games always copied one or some mechanics from other games. No surprise.

Xavior_Reigns988d ago

Yup, first Titanfall now Deus Ex. Hopefully they modify the borrowed elements better than the same engine they continue to use.

InTheLab988d ago

Just want to point out that Titanfall isn't original either....

Xavior_Reigns988d ago

@ InTheLab

True but if I'm not mistaken, it was the first to bring lots of attention to those mechanics.

AceBlazer13988d ago

@Xavior_Reigns boasting a borrowed/copied idea as original doesn't look much better so yh lets just say a lot of games borrow from each other.

Antifan988d ago

COD also copied Mario 64's dynamic fish AI lol

Muzikguy988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

The COD devs always act like they work so hard. Type up a speech that's a few paragraphs making it seem like you're doing something and see how many millions you can fool again. I don't buy any of that talk they're saying. Sorry, I just can't. Fish AI, dogs, jet packs....

Before I actually saw the trailer for Black Ops3 I was thinking about giving it a shot. The second I saw the person jump on the wall and use a jet pack I said "nope, not this time". :/

seanpitt23988d ago

I would of defiantly bought it if they went back to world war 2 style but sadly they stuck with the exo suit crap and all you do is get shot in the back thinking how did he get there... Oh yeah we can basically fly now.

bixxel988d ago

"For the first time on this planet we're releasing CoD to next gen coonsoles PS4 and XBONE. Never before has any developer ever embarked on this great journey as we are ding now. You'll see Next gen graphics, next gen linearity, nextgen repetitiveness and obciously nextgen rehash of similar mechanics you never found in other games!"

spacedelete988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

i think you people are over thinking this. i doubt Activision even knows that Dues Ex exists. how much copies did Dues Ex HR sell ? probably 1 or 2 million then compare them to COD sales.

StonieWylder988d ago

You do realize deus ex existed before call of duty.

bixxel988d ago

Enough to be in sight of the planet's develoeprs.

AnotherProGamer988d ago

I didn't know Dues Ex created the concept of human augmentation

Vegamyster988d ago

Every game copies from one another, look at how many games started using create a class/loadout after CoD 4 popularized it.

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curtis92988d ago

Shocked? Own up to it. DX:HR made some waves, it's not like they were all oblivious.

Braid988d ago

I am shocked too. Please don't compare Deus Ex to COD because Deus Ex is a god compared to run and gun military shooters. What a game Human Revolution was.

AnotherProGamer988d ago

lol HR is a watered down game from the original

Shinuz988d ago

Well i for one thought it looked like crysis 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.