The Last of Us 2: Is This Good or Bad News?

With Nolan North’s slip of the tongue, the internet exploded, as he seemingly revealed that Naughty Dog are currently working on a sequel for The Last of Us. However, with Naughty Dog remaining silent and Troy Baker claiming ignorance, it appears that we are no step closer to receiving official confirmation of The Last of Us sequel. Yet Ryan believe that their reluctance to comment has all but confirmed that The Last of Us 2 is genuine. The more important question, however, is whether we want/need a sequel for The Last of Us.

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bixxel1256d ago

How is that bad news? TLOU was the greatest game ever.

Crazyglues1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

And therefore I shall not click, nor shall I comment on this silly question, uh? oh this too counts as a comment, Ok, well then I will just do the first part then.

And with that I bid this story farewell, Good Day Sir.

amiga-man1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

If it has the same production values as the first (with Naughty dog on the case I wouldn't expect anything less) coupled with the extra power of the PS4, the game will be a sure fire hit.

Bring it on

monkeyDzoro1256d ago

Seems the propaganda is starting way sooner than expected. The game isn't even announced.
I bet you when it will, you'll see articles like:

"5 reasons why TLOU2 will not be as good as TLOU"
"Why TLOU2 will dissapoint gamers"
"5 reasons why you shouldn't be excited for TLOU2"


Army_of_Darkness1256d ago

This would be the best news ever! if it were true and in my opinion, it probably is but ND won't say a word until it's ready to be revealed.
When I finished the first one, I was happy that I completed it, but actually sad that it ended...

Braid1256d ago

Come on guys, it's ND we're talking about here. Whatever they touch they turn into gold, there's almost little to no possibility that a follow up game could be bad.

bixxel1256d ago

Lol why do you think I just answered to the title post?

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Concertoine1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Still kind of disappoints me that we cant make stand alone games anymore. Everything has to be sequelized.

There was a lot of mystery weaved into the world and plot of TLOU, and its better off to leave it for that player conjecture and theory.

I wouldnt mind another story in the same universe (although this would inevitably still spoil some of the mystery), but returning to the same characters would be a total mistake to me.

kneon1256d ago

I'm ok with a Joel and Tommy prequel. There are 20 years of back story to cover there, and they can start off right after the opening scene from TLOU.

Spotie1256d ago

And yet, when there were great standalone games, we always wanted more. Now that we get more, we're wishing we didn't?

Concertoine1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )


We does not equal me.

I can still admire a stand alone game without wanting a sequel. Also i feel its worth saying that its not often that a game comes nowadays that is better without a sequel. Games are just designed with that in mind, but TLOU stands on its own fine.

ginsunuva1256d ago

Because they'd be cashing in on a sequel that Sony told them to do instead of making a game they actually want to make.

3-4-51256d ago

who the heck is gamebolt ?

bixxel1256d ago

A clickbait. Do not click on... oh, you've already clicked on it haven't you?

jb2271256d ago

If you read the article, he actually goes on to ultimately say that any story ND land on will most likely make for a totally worthwhile & amazing sequel. One important aspect of the whole situation he touched on is Sony's relationship to ND, whereas other publishers may force an exclusive dev's hand & dictate what projects they can & cannot make, Sony seem to truly allow ND the freedom they deserve to make the amazing experiences they are capable of. That's still lacking w/ so many consoles, & it's burned Sony in financial terms many times in the past allowing devs the freedom to make new & interesting experiences, but it always benefits us gamers, and I personally think Sony should be commended for allowing the studio to create whatever experiences they are excited about. Hopefully this continues on, if ND make TLOU 2 or not, that should be solely down to them & not some greedy business practices. TLOU was a pretty perfect title, but that doesn't mean that everything worthwhile that can be said has in fact already been said.

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Relientk771256d ago

Naughty Dog is always good news

SmokingMonkey1256d ago

GF and I were talking about a possible plot for TLOU2.

What if you played as Ellie's Mother? and Father? in a prequel?

We thought, how cool/emotional/controversial would it be to play as Ellie's Pregnant Mother? A scene similar to when Joel was stabbed by the jagged metal?


Ravenheartzero1256d ago


I thought about what story would appeal to me if they did a sequel and tbh I think it would be cool if you played as a firefly hunting down Ellie, she is very important to the human race so I don't see why they would give up. Maybe start the game at the end in the hospital when Joel runs into the elevator carrying ellie with fireflys right behind him, you are one of them. That's what I'd think would be cool imo.

SmokingMonkey1256d ago

That's not bad. Making it so Ellie is the Monster this time.

Fits well with:

Better argument than most people.

rainslacker1256d ago

I could see this and it would allow you to leave Joel in the story. You could switch between Joel/ellie and the FF throughout the story. Hard part would be making the FF likable, so eventually he'd probably have to capture Ellie, and have some kind of connection to her somehow so make him human.

trenso11256d ago

nah we know they die why play something you know the outcome for.

SmokingMonkey1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

True, that's why prequels can be kind of predictable. Like the new Tomb Raider, you know Young Lara makes it.

DoctorFry1256d ago

"This article, is it clickbait or not?"

goldwyncq1256d ago

Not a bad news in any way at all. Fear of the unknown is what's driving people to write articles like these. Fear that a sequel wouldn't hold a candle to the first game, despite Naughty Dog proving again and again that they are perfectly capable of crafting sequels that far exceeds their original games.

DoctorFry1256d ago

Except for Uncharted 3. Uncharted 2 was way better than 3.

KwietStorm1256d ago

I never understood the 2 was so much better than 3 talk. They were very similar games to me. I felt like because it wasn't undoubtedly better than the last one, then people said it was that much worse.

Skankinruby1256d ago

I challenge you to explain yourself. Every insult to uncharted 3 has been nothing but nonsense. Somehow it became a trend to badmouth 3 but every single person that has done it has been a little coward when asked to explain why. 3 was every bit as good as 2 if not better. The story, gameplay, amd character development were all amazing. My guess is you wont respond or give and stupid empty one like 'nah 2 was definitely way better'

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