EA considering bringing cricket to Nintendo's Wii

There have been numerous ideas for just how the Wii's motion control set-up could be incorporated into different types of games, especially those of a sport variety. However, there are some obvious choices that have so far not been covered by various developers. One such idea is that of cricket.

The great British sport of cricket seems like a perfect choice, with developers letting gamers use the Wii controller as a cricket bat of sorts, swinging away to score runs a-plenty over the innings. But which developer could bring such a game to the Nintendo home console? Electronic Arts would be the ideal candidate since it has its yearly official Cricket title…yet the series has so far body-swerved any Nintendo platforms.

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Gurbz3644d ago

finally someone has realized how much money they could make from cricket on wii !!! God ,bring out a new Brian lara or something , it'll sell millions in the UK guaranteed.

BengaliGangsta3643d ago

lol @ sidar, u a paki???
yh..... BANGLADESH khala bandors ftw!!!!

ChickeyCantor3643d ago

no im not a paki, although my friend is half paki XD
(Bollywood...T_T he never had mercy on my soul)

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