Five games Sega should be reviving.

SymbioteStudios: Since Sega stepping into 3rd party territories over six years ago we've seen the revival of numerous franchises to say the least, games like Nights into Dreams has been revived to poor reception and upcoming Golden Axe and Samba De Amigo beg the question, is Sega going to revive some good franchises any time soon?

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La Chance3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

bring back JSR.

I liked shenmue alot too... but bring back JSR.

MK_Red3711d ago

ETERNAL CHAMPIONS!!! I want the next-gen version NOW!
Also Echo the Dolphin and a GOOD Sonic game without: Human Romances, Sonic "Friends", City and dialogue, Werewolves / Werehogs...