10 Games You Need to Play to Celebrate Gay Pride

If you're still feeling a strong attachment to rainbows, well, who can blame you? Here are 10 titles to keep the gay pride celebration going.

Warning: Not all of the games on this list contain rainbows.

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KryptoniteTail1135d ago

You mean 10 games I need to put pn my "avoid at all costs" instead? Thanks, I appreciate it.

Roccetarius1135d ago

Yeah, i know some of these games undeniably supported it, but to pin ''celebration'' ; of this on them is barfing at best.

Psychotica1135d ago

You should be proud of that..

Swonic1135d ago

means gay, you have to log slutty, half naked and disgusting ? I do not think so. i am proud of the society for gay marriage but plz stop insulting me with your lack of decency.

goldwyncq1135d ago

What about straight pride? Any games on that?

Letthewookiewin1135d ago

Straight Pride parade! Oh wait that would be wrong and upset people now days. I'm sick of hearing about people's sexual preferences nor do I care.

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The story is too old to be commented.