Xbox One: The Fourth Word on VR

VRFocus delivers an opinion on the position Microsoft have found themselves in for VR, and where their strategy may take them from here.

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christocolus1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Interesting article.makes a whole lot of sense.MS partnering with Oculus and Valve will be very good for Windows 10. Smart business move. I wouldn't be surprised if down the line they announced a version of Oculus VR or HTC Vive specifically for Xbox One.

Dlacy13g1260d ago

Yup, I think that is the plan...and I am sure Oculus and/or Valve are more than happy with that as it opens a secondary console market for them.

donthate1260d ago

When MS announced a partnership with Oculus, I knew they were going to support the Oculus on Xbox One. It just makes sense.

Oculus is the leader in VR right now, and likely the one to have hardware first out to consumers. It includes, guess what, an Xbox One controller!

It can stream Xbox One games to it and soon you can play VR games on your Xbox One with Oculus Rift.

Bigpappy1260d ago

It's a good way for them to see how adoption goes before fully committing to an unproven technology again.