Katsuhiro Harada Gives An Update On Xenosaga HD Collection

Katsuhiro Harada is a producer and game director at Bandai Namco, who is widely recognized for his work on the Tekken series. Last year, he reached out to fans regarding a potential Xenosaga HD Collection for the current generation consoles and asked them to create a petition for it.

As it turned out, the petition wasn’t exactly a success as it has only managed to reach 10 thousand signatures so far and Harada recently replied to a fan request demanding an update on his comment.

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1108d ago
G3n3raL861108d ago

I really wanna play them:)

_-EDMIX-_1108d ago

Played the first 3 on PS2, then REPLAYED THEM AGAIN! lol, I rarely replay many RPGs, let alone a whole 3 part, but Xenosaga was THAT GOOD!

Xenosaga 1 is just amazing

Xenosaga 2 is not so much, but still great

Xenosaga 3 is as good as one and really ends the series off in huge epic fashion!

The series needs a collection in HD! I would very much play all 3 for a third time in HD!

Hoffmann1108d ago

Kickstart it with a relative small budget goal and you might reach a lot more potentially interested people and get the remaster halfway funded already.

What are the costs to remaster these games anyway?

OldDude1108d ago

I have no desire for major studios to Kickstart their games. I hope this isn't becoming the normal way of thinking. I'm glad to help fund the little guys, but not major studios.

_-EDMIX-_1108d ago

Agreed. Its a series that Namco won't go back to and a HD collection would be pretty cheap to port over in HD on PS4, XONE etc.

He must seek the kickstarter, that is where folks really voice with their wallets.

@Old-dude- The whole game doesn't really need to be funded, just to show that its wanted and those that helped start it off get a discount copy.

Everyone wins. Please stop with the whole "major studios" bs. The reality is, even major studios still need to gauge what fans may or may not want. If it helps get a old IP off the ground in a situation that otherwise would have never happened, then so be it.

Its not like Namco, or EA etc are asking for Mass Effect or Tekken 7 to be on Kickstarter.

Mind you, who are you to tell any fan where they can spend their money? If I feel like giving Namco my money for Xenosaga HD collection, I'm 100% free to do that. Doesn't mean I don't help out the um "little guys".

We as gamers can do both.

KryptoniteTail1108d ago

I never got to play them, hope it happens and on Vita.

TM3331108d ago

I've wanted this for years. Such a shame. What I wouldn't do to be able to play these games on my Vita...

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The story is too old to be commented.