How to fix the problems with Splatoon

Nick Gillham: "Often a review is constrained by word limits, so there’s only so much information that you can include. This is a collection of my thoughts in detail as to Splatoon’s problems and what could be done to fix them."

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Whymii1136d ago

I'd like to see bots used in the local multiplayer. The single player campaign bot's AI is quite good and would make a welcome addition to local multiplayer.

N4g_null1136d ago

Bots would be cool also. Yet everything else makes this a very unique shooter and it actually makes you change your play style.

The stage rotation makes everyone play all stages not just your favorites. That has happened in every shooter I've played.

The match making its not really possible. You ethier get good or loose. No 3 year old soccer trophies here.

So far I've had to get good at sniping with the gamepad, roller, brush ninja, area special controller, ink stealth, wall hugging... the list goes on and these maps are so intricate.

It's like nintendo is giving us a look at how polished a fps can be. This team has something to prove! Great job.

KryptoniteTail1136d ago

Too many issues, just leave them to the sequel.

Tonykid1136d ago

But... But... I thought this was the best game ever created. People are never happy.

JLynn9431136d ago

...and yet the game is still a lot of fun. Hopefully the August update will address a lot of this.

MikleDemi1136d ago

Honestly the only problem is lack of voice chat.
I like everything else about the game and so do my friends.

Now more maps, gametypes, and weapons plox.

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