The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PS4 Release Date Revealed

The highly anticipated horror game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, is coming to the PS4 in just 9 days according to the PS Store product page.

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Mostafeto1139d ago

I had the chance to play this game on PC and it was fantastic honestly

rdgneoz31139d ago

Hopefully it does well, because sales don't always do so well when a game that isn't too well known is announced to be releasing in 9 days and without much advertisement.

Mostafeto1139d ago

Yeah this is my fear also since some people don't even know the game exists or that it is even coming to the PS4 and they acted as if everybody is waiting for it :/
Although it's a great game

uth111139d ago

I'm more excited about this than I am for "Everybody's Gone To the Rapture"

Mostafeto1139d ago

They are kinda similar to each other if you think of it

uth111139d ago

They seem like it- first person walking around, trying to unravel a mystery. Both have amazing graphics.

But for some reason, this sounds interesting, while Rapture sounds like it might be boring- hope I'm wrong about that though!

nucky641139d ago

uth - look up what the rapture is.....i want both games but (for anyone familiar with what the rapture represents) the rapture is far more interesting for obvious reasons

Lonnie181139d ago

July 15th in case anyone was wondering.

Spotie1139d ago

Believe it or not, I'd have had a harder time figuring that out than if you tossed in some square roots and variables.

PowerPlayaaa1139d ago

Bu bu but the ps4 has no games :-/

KwietStorm1139d ago

Please stop. That's just as corny as the trolls you're imitating. And it's tired. And it's just one specific game. Just stop.

PowerPlayaaa1139d ago

One specific game????

Let me drop some gaming knowledge for you then.

Vanishing of ethan Carter
Until dawn
Persona 5
Dragonquest heroes
Tearaway unfolded
The tomorrow children
Uncharted drakes collection
Everybodys gone to the rapture

Etc etc

Sony's 2015 lineup is MASSIVE.

And don't forget that they have already released a masterpiece like Bloodborne.

The order 1886, MLB the show 2015, Helldivers, grim fandango etc etc

There's 12 months in 1 year. Not just 2 months like many other fanboys out there thinks.

Spotie1139d ago

It's one specific game the trolls he's intimidating would have others believe doesn't exist or doesn't count.

KwietStorm1139d ago

Yes, The Varnishing of Ethan Carter, the only game this article is about, is one specific game. What did you think I was saying? That PS4 has no games? C'mon man really

nucky641139d ago

great list - don't forget rime and the witness.

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