Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review - TXH

Neil writes "I’m not a fan of the famous pinging Capcom menus or stat dominated rankings. I’m not a fan of rubbish voice overs and I’m most definitely not a fan of the scary obsession with the female form. I can pretty much take or leave the complete and utter focus on style over substance as well."

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oKidUKo1142d ago

I've always thought Devil May Cry wasn't for me but I actually want to try this after watching streams. Camera angles do look awful though.

Lord_Sloth1142d ago

The camera is an issue but not very often since the lock-on always focuses on the enemy at hand. Hope you enjoy it. XXXD

WeAreLegion1142d ago

This person should not be reviewing a Devil May Cry game.

deadpoolio3161142d ago

NO actually people who dont want Capcom or the DMC team to bukkake all over their face are EXACTLY the people who should be reviewing these games...

DMC4 was FACTUALLY pretty average to mediocre, the combat was nowhere near DMC3(which only gave you access to 2 weapons at any given time) terms of depth, nor even DmC which gave you access to everything at the press of a button, on top of the FACT that DMC4 was HALF a game played twice and in reverse for the second half...

Fanboys of a series should not EVER review games from a series that they are in love with, because they will FACT refuse to see faults