WWE 2K16 is looking to raise some hell with the cover star announcement

James writes - "Everyone was expecting an announcement for the WWE 2K16 cover reveal during RAW this evening but 2K couldn’t contain themselves and have revealed the star already."

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Relientk771138d ago

Cool I'm just glad they didn't put Roman Reigns on the cover

oKidUKo1138d ago

I half expected a busy cover with a few stars on like Rollins, Reigns, Cena, Lesnar etc. Kinda glad it's Austin.

CorndogBurglar1138d ago

Because of the lack of interesting new generation of wrestlers, I haven't watched wrestling in a very long time, so maybe what i'm about to say is wrong. But it seems to me like Wrestling is in a bad way when they have to promote their games using old retired wrestlers.

This one has Stone Cold on the cover? The last one used Hulk Hogan to heavily promote their game?

Is wrestling really hurting that bad for new and interesting characters?

KillerPwned1138d ago

I agree with you as I have been in the same boat as you. It seems wrestling has just taken a downfall since after the end of the attitude era it was going to fail the structure of story and characters to go with now are barley mediocre as compared to what we had 10 or so years ago. I gave up on WWE as a hole even though now and then I will play a game or watch a PPV just to see where things are.

rocky0475861138d ago

Not really. It's just different. Different isn't really bad. Again, you say you don't watch but then you turn around and say that you watch a PPV or two. That means you watch still. Lol. Come on man. There's nothing wrong with admitting you still watch it. I bet you know who all of the newer guys are, you know what NXT is, you've seen it. So let's get off of the AE horse and just say outright what it is? How could it take a downfall when it's grown as a corporation bigger than it ever has been before? They have more money now than they did back then too. The cover star is the cover star because the games are attracting older fans that may have fallen out of grace with the product, so this will make them want to buy the game again. It has nothing to do with what's actually happening in the WWE today.

KillerPwned1138d ago

I really don't know many of the newer guys. I am just a big fan of wrestling as a hole. I do watch Wrestlemania every year but besides that is really it for WWE. I usually watch Death match and Japanese wrestling now.

oKidUKo1138d ago

I see where you're coming from, however bringing back the Legends gets interest from the long term fans that may have fallen out of love for the product. Chances are if you are a current fan then you'll buy it regardless so not as much need to pander to those customers.

Just a thought.

rocky0475861138d ago

No, it's not. The thing is, people want to see older stars still. It has very little to do with lack of new stars, there's plenty of those that people would've been happy with being on the cover still. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Neville, Bray Wyatt, etc. But people, like yourself, are still stuck in the Attitude Era so they are just giving them what they want overall. If you haven't watched wrestling in a long time, you have no right to make such a comment to be honest. So, how do you know there's a lack of interesting new wrestlers when you haven't watched? Is this the part where you say you've seen it a few times, but clearly you just said you don't watch?

Wrestling is not in a bad way just because you stopped watching, it is still popular and trends every single Monday and every single Sunday PPV night as the number 1 trend in the world on Twitter. 500 million Facebook likes for anything WWE official related. Hulk Hogan only promoted the game, last year, because he's an ambassador and he had his own Legends cover of the game, current star John Cena was the cover star and he also promoted the game.

curtis921138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I said this on the source site and I'll say it again here:

Missed opportunity IMO not putting Brock Lesnar on the cover. While SCSA is the most popular superstar of all time, Lesnar is by far the most popular mainstream superstar in recent memory and given lesnar just signed a new deal with WWE, it'd benefit everyone involved to promote Lesnar. Especially with the ESPN coverage he gets and the draw from UFC fans. This cover just screams "remember when you used to like wrestling!?" Instead of promoting the current biggest star.

galgor1137d ago

But..but..but didn't you see the clever thing they did with it being 2k16 and Austins catchphrase being 3:16? That was pure genius and whoever thought of it should get a raise!


Yes. It should have been Lesnar. Or at least they're fucking current wwe champion.

Vasto1138d ago

Seth Rollins should have been on the cover. He has been the one caring the show for the last year. Not saying he is the best but he is really good at what he does.

curtis921138d ago

Anyone current would've been good (yes, even Reigns). This continued reliance on selling nostalgia is KILLING momentum for the current product. We millennials have to stop living in the past and move on. Even nba 2k16 is getting a michael jordan cover edition. Come on...

I swear we're going to be the ultimate "back in my day" generation.

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