I'm five hours into Arkham Knight, and I can't get enough

Gameskinny: I am five hours into Batman: Arkham Knight, and I cannot put it down. The world of Batman is just too good.

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Sevir985d ago

I honestly hate the side quests! and The Bat-mobile portions aren't as fun... But the story Is great! and the huge open world is awesome. Tho, I'm kinda scratching my head as to why The created the "Arkham Knight" and not just follow the canon already laid out from the comics.. The AK's identity is a huge Troll.

Sciurus_vulgaris985d ago

I hated how the ArKham knight was hyped as being a badass, yet you really never engage him in hand to hand combat. Also the batmobile is forced into the Ridler challenges and the main boss battles are vehiclar based unfortunately.

saukelover12984d ago

Batmobile made things annoying as hell

LegoIsAwesome985d ago

Side missions are fine -_- story as well. Best story in the arkham quantology for imo.

The only worst part in Arkham Knight is the boss fights. I got really disappointed with how boss fights turns out with two face, deathstroke,hush... well ALL villain.

SniperControl985d ago

Have just hit the 96.1% mark, everything else is done just have to find 224 more Riddler trophies to complete the game.
Loving it so far, but missing the boss fights.

DanielGearSolid985d ago

It's a a great game.

Including the batmobile sections.. Idk why ppl are crying about it...

GusBricker985d ago

The batmobile works well enough but it's used far too often, especially during boss fights.

Eldyraen985d ago

I like some of the side quests but many still just feel like fillers to have more to do and let popular villains pop up just so we know they're still around.

The entire game basically revolves around defeating henchmen or doing puzzles unfortunately. I still love it but I miss boss fights quite a bit. I guess they didn't want to have even more of the same boss fights or have to think of a new way to do them which was disappointing. I guess that is part of the problem with doing so many in the other games as had fewer "good" villains to battle without doing same kind of fights again.

Sevir985d ago

I honestly feel Arkham City's Boss battles were far better.

Adexus985d ago

Mr Freeze boss fight in City aside, I think all of the boss fights in Rocksteady's games are pretty poor, especially in Knight whereas Origins absolutely nailed them, the game was based around them so they had to be good really but still!

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