Tempered Expectations: Why You Shouldn't Be Excited for the Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII remake is finally coming, but here's why you should keep your expectations in check.

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kalkano1178d ago

"While some of the mechanics and design may be dated"

Less dated than Secret of Mana's mechanics and design.

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3-4-51177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

* It's always some random site like "gameskinny" that comes out of nowhere to get their 15 minutes of internet daily fame, by telling us how we should think.

^ EX: " Here's why you, random person I've never met, should do what I, ( random wannabe journalist without integrity, ethics, morals, or honesty), say you should do.

" After all, I'm a journalist, so I obviously know what's what about EVERYTHING" .

^ Basically 90% of internet " Journalism".

TheOtherVitaOwner1177d ago

Wait, what's your point? Is there some Secret of Mana remake happening that no one's talking about?

kalkano1177d ago

My point is that referring to it as a "dated" system is ridiculous.

Irishguy951177d ago

But it is dated kalkano xD

kalkano1178d ago

"Revisiting many of these things as an adult usually results in us saying, “I don’t remember this at all!” or “I thought this game was better than this.”"

That has never happened to me, and I constantly replay games.

MrDead1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

I thought this article had some inside news on FF7 but it's just another opinion piece that the approvers love to spam on N4G.

Is there any way to disable opinion pieces?

CLOUD19831177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

This guy express the fear inside every hardcore FFVII fan out there, FFVII is my favorite game of all time I was expecting to hear this announcement about a remake for a long [email protected] time & when the time finally came it was like a dream come true for me but I was expecting Kitase to lead everything as a director as he did for the original & when the name of Nomura appear on the screen I couldn't stop thinking that this is wrong, this can't be happening something is mend to go wrong with this guy leading everything & then the first interviews he gave start appearing & oh God this guy doesn't plan at all to give to fans what they want, fans ask for a simple visual & sound upgrade but this guy plan to mess with game so hard to the point of altering even the battle system.

From that moment I was sure that I was right for being skeptical when I saw Nomura's name in the screen & I was right that I was afraid this guy will mess the game up, so in the end the excitement millions of fans felt when they saw the trailer won't have any meaning because it's obvious that this remake won't be the remake we all asked for, not in the slightest.

pedrami911177d ago

So fear mongering is the solution ?

We haven't seen a bloody thing yet and already you think it's messed up.

Jesus effing Christ.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

@CLOUD1983: Yea ok buddy. Keep thinking that everyone who wanted this remake are people exactly like you. I bought FF7 the day it came out back in 1997 and it's one of my favorite games of all time and I have been wanting a remake for years now and I knew if they remade this that there would be changes and that is a good thing. You don't know what they are planning yet you are going to act all doom and gloom right out of the gate with no evidence to back up your negativity. Kitase has a HUGE part in the making of this game and is going to give a lot of input on the games design along with Nomura. For all you know the game will be have an evolved turn based battle system and lots of really great and excited additions to the game that enhances the experience greatly. The exact same FF7 game with updated graphics is a complete missed opportunity and would be very dissapointing to say the least. I can't see why anyone would be so narrow minded and not think how this could be a bigger and better FF7 experience than the original. If you want the original than you have the original to go back to. FF7 means a lot to me and I have faith in Nomura and Kitase to stay true to the core story of FF7 while giving us so much more as well in regards to gameplay. Combat is the least important thing in a FF game to me so whatever they do is fine with me because FF is so much more than just fighting.

MrDead1177d ago


I was hoping to read some news on the game not something that should be reserved for the comment section.

There is nothing to read in the article except for some doubts on a game which he has no information on.

Quickstrike1177d ago

@theone: a majority of the people are like that including myself. I'm worried about changes to the battle system and major story changes. Not saying all changes are bad, minor tweaks are okay but turning it into an action RPG is a no buy for me.

If I want an action RPG I would play kingdom hearts. Not final fantasy

rainslacker1177d ago

I'm not afraid. I don't mind discussing the possibilities or their consequences, but until something is shown or confirmed of the game, I have no reason to be afraid or angry about anything involving the game.

I'm not even one of those people that goes on about how bad SE has become, because while I think they lost some of their mojo, they still don't often make crappy games.

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CLOUD19831177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

@TheOneWhoIsTornApart: Listen man one of the reasons I love FFVII so much is the ATB/turn based battle system it have, that's a part of the package that make it the masterpiece it is, if all of us who love & prefer old-school turn based JRPGs are "narrow minded" in your eyes then go ahead, feel free to call us whatever you want, we like what we like & we won't change our tastes to be more "open-minded" in the eyes of some of you that love so much evolution, we all have seen what evolution did to the series after FFX.

This evolution SE wanted is what ruin the series the last decade & we didn't get even one FF that fans can call their favorite the past years, the people keep on have as their favorites all the classic old school FF's & guess what all those have turn based combat, did you ever saw anyone to call FFXII his favorite? or FFXIII & it's sequels? do you see what evolution does? & if anyone of you expect from FFXV to acquire legendary status like those in the PS1 era you obviously kidding your self.

Finally I want to clear something because you wrote this here: "I can't see why anyone would be so narrow minded and not think how this could be a bigger and better FF7 experience than the original." it's not that I don't want any change at all, I am a veteran JRPG player I have try & complete countless games & I have see various battle systems & some games I have play have some amazing & unique mechanisms that made them special & more fun to play so I always had in my mind some things SE could do to improve the experience, but remove the turn based combat was never one of those things & I could never accept something like that, I don't want to hear that even as a joke, to remove such an important element of the game is sacrilege in my eyes & should never happen & if SE pull a move such as this in the remake they must be prepared to meet the wrath of millions of people around the world for ruining the remake of their favorite game of all time.

This remake become a reality because fans like me kept asking for it all those years, we the hardcore fans who love FFVII to death is the reason this remake become a reality do you understand that? "WE" not those new gen kiddies who now have a saying on this & dare to say stuff like "I don't like turn based combat make it action else I'm not buying it.." who the fck care in the end what those kids who never play the original want? this remake will be made for the fans not for randoms who never sign petitions or send letters to SE or ask for it in the various exhibitions SE made an appearance & now suddenly they can decide of what this game must change in order to be acceptable for them?

FFVII was bought from almost 11 million people, there is more than enough fans out there to make it a hit more so than anything SE release the past decade, if new gen kids don't like turn based combat because they must put their brain to use something not required in the various FPS & MOBA games they play nowadays it's not our concern, SE must give to the fans what they ask for because we are the "sure" sales, those kids who try to appeal with the decisions they take on every FF released after the merge with ENIX is not, & it shows in the decline of the series & the sales which is underwhelming even though the series went multiplatform, in the PS1 era every FF used to sell a minimum of 6-7m copies in just 1 platform & now they struggle to reach that number even tho they release new games in 2 or more platforms, they can make this game a great success just by giving their fans what they want or they can disappoint their loyal fans & have them curse them & boycott anything they put out for all eternity, it's up to them.

Adrian_v011177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

First, writing properly would help people take you more seriously.

Second, yes, you're narrow minded, not because you like turn based, but because "did you ever saw anyone to call FFXII his favorite?". That's ignorance over 9000. For your information, indeed there are people who's favorite FF title is XII. I know, shocking, right?

Third, I am a JRPG lover myself, played through 7 several times. Played all the spin offs, love the story, I want a new battle system for the remake though. I don't care if it's an action rpg, as long as characters don't stand in one place stupidly. A fan not caring about turn based combat, another shock, right?

Lastly, "we the hardcore fans who love FFVII to death", love to death is unconditional, you would drop the title if it had a new battle system, despite the amazing world, amazing story, amazing characters, amazing music, amazing atmosphere, amazing comedy etc. That's not much of a fan. To educate you more, Nomura is in charge because this remake is not made for YOU fans in fact, but for people who never played the original because it's dated. So yeah, new gen kiddies, as you call them, have a more important opinion of what the game should be than >you< "fans".

If the battle system is the source of your love for the game, you never truly loved it in the first place.

Irishguy951177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Terrible analogy man

The witcher 3 is my favorite game in years
Dark souls before that.

What about kingdom hearts eh?

Just because SE failed to make a great FF since FFX is NOT because of Arpg. Its because they failed to make FF with a good combat system and TOOK OUT what made FF a great series in the first place. FFXIII was BORING. That was its problem. FF12's charactes and story were what people complained about. FFXV looks amazing and the demo, with NO MAGIC so far, plays well(so long as you understand how to play it).

Nomura makes good ARPG's. KH is proof.

So what your wanting is SE to go back to turn based. And not even try compete with the best of today.

Sorry but anyone who loves FF7 for its combat is just mad to me. It wasn't even the best in the series. Other turn based RPG's did turn based better. And even at that their combat wasn't that fun.

FF7 is my favorite in the series because of everythign else about it. I mean, no matter what the combat system is, an FF7 remake has much to offer. As FF7 did before it.

Fishermenofwar1177d ago

I'm excited about this game and nothing will change my mind....

This game will be criticized from now until its release date...When it does come out...It will be an instant classic and a hit....

(nearly) all RPG fans love the original...

elarcadia1177d ago

The scary thing is, it is a revision not just a remake. If they change too many things/take out too many things, it could really ruin the end result.

I, personally, am hoping for the same game with better graphics and added missions/story lines. But that is just me.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1177d ago

Well it isn't going to be the exact same game and it would be a horrible decision for them to make it that way. THe people who want an exact replica of the original haven't the slightest bit of vision for how amazing this remake could be. I just don't get your line of thinking.

elarcadia1177d ago

@TheOneWhoIsTornApart Of course I have a vision for how amazing a remkae could be. The question is, does Square Enix? THAT is my problem. I would rather they keep to the script, then toy with it too much and completely botch it. I am just keeping my expectations low...that way, if it is good I will really love it, but if it is bad I won't be super disappointed.

Fishermenofwar1177d ago

@ All below

If they do decide to do an action RPG style....I think they should do a CronoTrigger like action RPG obviously with updated visuals and affects...I still like turn based RPG style..but there are going to be changes...but if they keep the main story line an dthe summons and such...then I'll be happy...

Good point @TheOneWhoIsTornApart

rainslacker1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

No matter what SE does, they're going to be criticized by one side or the other. Before and after release, we're going to see article after article about how SE sucks, and how FF7:R will suck because of every thing. Didn't change something. FF7:R is dated. Didn't represent Cloud as a woman properly...FF7:R is misogynistic and doomed to fail. SE went ARPG...SE is screwing over fans. Aerith still dies...SE is killing off a beloved character. Aerith lives...SE is completely changing the story.

Everything will be made into some kind of controversy.

There is a silver lining though. With all this controversy, it just shows that the press knows that people are hyped for FF7:R, and that's a good thing for SE, and fans of FF7, because it means the game will sell, and SE can put more money into the game, instead of excessive marketing campaigns.

I believe to please the fans, and the newcomers, SE has to find a nice balance between old and new. Use what works for the way they're going to present the game, but ultimately, remain as true to the original as possible, while adding in things that only enhance the original experience. I don't envy SE. Fans have lifted FF7 up to be a pinnacle example of a great JRPG, and that's going to be hard to match. On the plus side though, FF in general is one of the few series that can actually outdo itself.

KuroKazuma1177d ago

why you shouldnt write cr**

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