I will replay Journey every time they release it

Is the DualShock 4 tear-proof?

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johndoe112111256d ago

Magnificent game. I totally agree with this article. This was a brilliant move by sony to get people who never owned a ps3 to play this game. It was one of the most beautiful games on the ps3. The story is short, the game is simple yet it is very addictive and very emotional. This is actually one of the highest rated games of last gen and it was regarded by many to be the GOTY in 2012. If you have a ps4 I STRONGLY recommend getting this when it comes out.

NeonEnigma1256d ago

Sorry accidentally hit disagree, my bad. But anyways this game looks beautiful and ive only heard good things about it so i cant wait to play!

Rookie_Monster1256d ago

I love the fact that the PS3 Version is cross buy compatible with the PS4 is very nice indeed as I already got this game in my PS3 collection. Definitely worth replaying it again .

KryptoniteTail1256d ago

Me too. I only met a couple people in my late playthrough, so I am definitely down for a beautiful OLED portable play and an enhanced PS4 experience.

Maxor1256d ago

Isn't this game in 1080p for the PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.