An updated trophy support list (work in progress)

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It seems that developers are starting to support the Trophy system more and more. This is great, it finally gives all the players a better chance to receive their first trophy if not more. So we have compiled a list of games that are and will support trophies. If we missed any or if any are wrong comment below and we will look into it.

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Overr8ed3709d ago

wasnt MGS 4 and GTA 4 going to support Trophies? I remember some Magazine interviewed Rockstar and it said it would support Trophies.

poopsack3709d ago

yeah and wasnt konami pushing sony to release trophies?

fenderputty3709d ago

both. I want MGS4 trophies sooo bad too.

PR0F3TA3709d ago

"konami pushing sony to release trophies?"

dude your source on this was PlaystationLifestyle, they were the only ones who ever said this bull$h!t theory.Not to mention the bogus release date on June 10th...

Konami has never stated anything about trophys, Rockstar on the other hand has, and they have yet to deliver

fenderputty3709d ago

I could have sworn to God that Konami talked about trophy support some months before the release of MGS4.

(some months might be like more than 2 or 3 or 4 ...)

C_SoL3709d ago

let's see.....

5 people disagree with you, including me.......

now who am I going to believe.........

very arrogant of you prof3ta.....

@knaveX:Sony does not make trophies. It's up to the developer......

poopsack3709d ago

I meant to release the firmware, which sony did make.

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cLiCK_sLiCK93709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

So Pain has trophy Support already?

And what about MGS4? I know it already has its own kind of "Trophy's" , but i want to it to count on my account so i can level up and compare trophy's with my freinds.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3709d ago

I dont think they have it integrated yet, i bought pain last night because of the summer sale, but have yet to get any trophies for pain, there are trophies that you get in the game but have nothing to do with 2.41 trophies

Mr_cheese3709d ago

Trophies will come for pain around the same time as the theme park expansion

EastCoastSB3709d ago

Anyone know if Soul Calibur 4 is going to have trophies?

ash_divine3709d ago

I hope so, maybe it'll be a patch later on.

Megaton3709d ago

I don't mean to undermine this article, but for the sake of reference for curious people, there's a better list here.

It had its own article here a couple weeks ago, but is actively updated.

Spydiggity3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

basically it's the same two games that have had it since they started this. and then SOME of the titles will eventually get it. and then SOME unreleased titles will have them.

that basically makes trophies pointless.
if all games aren't required to support then it doesn't mean anything. nice try sony.

guess i'll just stick with my 14 trophies in Super Stardust and go back to focusing on my achievement points.

Bitter? i think i explained that the idea of trophies (achievements) only works if every game is required to do it. otherwise, if i buy games that don't support it and you do, on paper it'll look like you're "better" than me. when in fact, you just happen to prefer games that support it.

should be mandatory, or not at all. not bitter, disappointed. i mean, if they're going to steal the idea of achievements, at least do it right.

DiabloRising3709d ago

Everything starts somewhere. You sound awfully bitter.

dantesparda3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Very sloppily done, Sony seems to be fvcking up left and right this generation. No rumble at the begining then making you have to pay $55 plus tax for it, no bundled-in mic, no hdmi or at least component wire, half-a$$ed trophies support, letting what used to be all their 3rd party exclusives slip away, releasing the system at $600, getting rid of backwards compability and not properly upconverting them, making the disc drive to slow, forcing big-a$$ installs on us, Not making every game 1080p @ 60fps when they were the ones talking all that sh!t about how important 1080i/p resolution was, and then even fvcking up correctly upconverting all games to at least 1080i, having 95% of their multiplatform games be the inferior version, making the PS3 to difficult to program for, 2.40/41 not really delivering, for making the OS take up to much RAM, and so and so on. Im sorry Sony fanboys, anybody that knows me, knows I aint soft on MS at all, as a matter of fact i am much harder on them, but come on, Sony has messed up so much this generation its not even funny. I am glad that MS is here to force them into shape if they wanna stay in this race. Sony fanboys, realizee that MS is making PS3 a better product, for god's sake we dont even know if the RSX is really 550Mhz or 500Mhz.

With that being said, i do think that MS is sneakier, snakier and much worst than Sony, their business practices are dirty, and they are way more arrogant than Sony ever was, and talk way more and far worst sh!t than Sony. They need to be humbled!

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