Why the Final Fantasy VII Remake Should Not have Been Revealed This Year

HG: "During their E3 press conference this year, Sony got its head on straight and unveiled the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer. While the trailer looks stunning, Sony should not have released it this year. Square and Sony will no doubt knock this remake out of the park but with so many games on the back burner, it is a real possibility that we may not see this game for a long long time."

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DrRobotnik1017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

Just saying the game is being made puts hope in a lot of older gamers hearts. Even if this game doesn't come out till next gen, by them announcing it shows it is no longer dormant. And we can move on in peace. I still have a large list of dormant classic games that still tug at my heart strings, and would love to see redone. Crono Trigger, Xenogears, Beyond good and evil, sonic 1-3&knuckles(done the right way! can dream.), Castlevania SOTN, and so many more. What's your list?

1017d ago
Whitefeather1017d ago

These "journalists" need to stop dictating what industry vets should or shouldn't do

jambola1017d ago

These random people need to stop telling people what they should or shouldn't write about.

DangerousDAN1017d ago

Oh just shut up already. Are you people ever happy?

joab7771017d ago (Edited 1017d ago )

Lol! Hey, if they hadn't shown The Last Guardian all those yrs ago, or FF 13 Versus, we wouldn't have had the surprises we did this yr. So, in 2023, we will all cheer when FF7 Remake gets a release date.

Although, and I may be just a tad bit nuts here, but I think SE learned a lesson from FF13 and FF14. So, hopefully, we do get constant updates and a 2017 release.

DangerousDAN1016d ago

Yeah, that craziness won't happen again. I think a big part of the delay of those games was the knowledge of upcoming next gen consoles. Both the last guardian and ffXV transferred over. Hell, even kingdom hearts 3 was held back for that. Those guys must've been eager to boost the graphics and make those games better than to just release them as they were.

But there are no new consoles coming anytime soon, so i have faith that they're focused now. No excessive waiting this time.

KindaGrump1017d ago

I think it the announcement was a bit early, but that's Square's decision. I don't think it's an inherently BAD thing. It got people excited for for their product and I'm sure stock rose a little bit from it.

Godmars2901017d ago

Of course it was announced too early. Given the supposed "tech demo" showed off at the beginning of the PS3 cycle, the announcement of PC port of the PS1 version, they shouldn't have showed this trailer unless the game itself was coming the next year. With actual gameplay showned off at the following TGS.

Would say that Square has no idea how damaged their reputation is, but then I'm certain that there are many "true" FF fans who disagree.

Adrian_v011017d ago

With your ego and that opinion you could be a game journalist man.

Silkside1017d ago

All the negativity among these so called "journalists" is sickening. What kind of community are we promoting by being such pessimist about most upcoming games?

No so long ago I swear I saw an article telling us not to preorder a certain game etc... how is the gaming community going to expand and improve if we keep shutting down any new game that comes out?

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