Tequila Workshops 'finished with crunch',Rime could be out very soon?

The Tweet in question suggests that Rime could release pretty soon.

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Genuine-User1233d ago

Same. We might get a launch trailer soon.

Chaos_Raiden1233d ago

Very excited for this game.

TomatoDragon1233d ago

Been anticipating this game for a long time. Release date pleeeeaaasseee. :)

TWB1233d ago


Still quietly hoping for physical release, there sure seems to be other indie games heading into retail. Its probably up to Sony at this point and whether they see enough sale potential in the game :>

Genuine-User1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

I would like to own a physical copy as well.

uth111233d ago

There was that cryptic tweet last month from Sony about a 'master plan' for this game. Curious what they have in mind?

TWB1233d ago

Yeah I know, I have been thinking about that. It must mean something! Based on how hot Rime news usually get here I say it has a decent amount of appeal for physical release.

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The story is too old to be commented.