Will Virtual Reality Games be Banned?

Grab It argues that many virtual reality games will be banned because the experience is so much more impactful that normal video games.

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shipnabottle1137d ago

I think like with any games there is a chance some VR games will be banned. But with VR I wonder if the heightened immersion will cause games that would normally sneak through if they weren't VR to be banned.

robtion1137d ago

In Australia almost certainly. We have some pretty fanatical censorship happening over here. So much for being an 'easy going' country.

CoyoteHunter1137d ago

I definitely think ratings boards are going to have to give serious consideration about how VR games fit in to the current schemes. And, whatever their decision, it's going to be controversial. Who can say what greater impact a VR game has on someone as opposed to a regular game?

Macka10801137d ago

Consider that the impact of traditional video games on social behaviour is still a fiercely debated topic, I can see there being significant turmoil surrounding the classification of VR experiences. Certainly the act of moving your hands to plunge a sword into an enemy carries a lot more weight than pressing a button to do the same thing, and I imagine that will incite considerable backlash against even the most child-friendly titles. If players had to swing a punch to attack enemies in Disney Infinity or Skylanders, what would parents think upon seeing their kids playing those games?

wakeNbake1137d ago

If you have heart problems, VR horror is probably not the best idea.

Scatpants1137d ago

If you live in Australia you can probably bet on it.