Audiosurf 2 - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

There is a good deal to like about Audiosurf 2. I had played the first game several years ago back when I picked it up as part of Steam Sale (yup, Potato Sack). The first was one of those games I could come back to for short bursts of time and enjoy, and this sequel follows along the same path. It is enjoyable, though it does not feel all that different from the last game, for better and for worse.

So what is Audiosurf 2? At its heart, the game is about racing, but it's creative hook comes from the music you listen to. The music is analyzed by the program and turned into a track that impacts the speed and layout of the race. This is the primary hook from the original game, and here the sequel tries to sell the additional enhancements that the software can make from reading into the music tracks.

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