EA to pay 16,200 athletes $60 million in player likeness lawsuit

EA is set to pay athletes over $60 million after a lawsuit settlement takes action over using player likenesses without permission, which may see players taken from their sports game for their next iterations.

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Angainor7961d ago

You' ve f*^*ed it up EA?

sinjonezp961d ago

I wonder if that is a significant dent into EA's pockets.

Ashlen961d ago

No, it's the cost of one to two games.

Dlacy13g961d ago

ouch... that cant be good for the bottom line.

Mkai28961d ago

^Can't be good for stocks either

TheNemesis501961d ago

it would of been cheaper to pay them for there likeness

iceman06961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Not really. I would bet that most of those athletes would have demanded way more than $4000. That's about what that amounts to. I don't know if the $60 million is before or after the lawyers get their greedy mitts on the cash.
Ooops...just read and each athlete will get "at least $74."

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