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Batman: Arkham Knight has some glaring cons but some of the pros make it worth a try. (Minor spoilers ahead)

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Foxhound9221177d ago

Yeah totally going to trust a 50% review of a game unanimously getting 9s and 10s. Clickbait

jmac531177d ago

Didn't anyone tell them it's a little late now for the click bait reviews.

DarXyde1177d ago

Not going to give this website a click.

An incredibly popular game that's been very well received (PC version withstanding) getting an awful review. Sure.

Can't wait to see what they do for Metal Gear Solid V.

SlightlyRetarted1176d ago

I agree with this score more than with all those 5/5 scores. Crying "clickbait" is not going to water down an opinion. Stealth batmobile missions, no boss battles, horrible copy paste side missions, way worse level design than asylum or city etc.

junir1175d ago

Some people get butt hurt when games they've purchased don't get 9/10 or 10/10 reviews all over. See my comment above lol

SlightlyRetarted1175d ago

Yeah i know. In n4g there is a trend going where people say that games rating average are 10/10 for them and they got it day one. I think it's hard to accept that game you used 60$ isn't the best thing in the world.