Watch Dogs downgrade backlash forced Ubisoft to change policy on pre-release footage

The backlash towards Watch Dogs and its apparent 'downgrade' forced Ubisoft to reassess how it goes about showing off pre-release games, CEO Yves Guillemot has said.

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decrypt1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Hopefully they are more honest next time on what they intend to deliver. Though thats hard to believe.

SniperControl1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

They wont be, what happened with that policy for The Division and The Crew, both were heavily downgraded after stellar E3 reveals.
C'mon ubi, The Crew looks like a damn PS360 game, lol.

ShinMaster1233d ago

It's been a while since they revealed The Division and The Crew.

UKmilitia1233d ago

well i hop ghost recon looks how it was shwon,looked amazing that game.

Perjoss1233d ago

From now on it doesn't really matter, the only people they will be fooling are people that are new to gaming and are not familiar with the Ubi way of things.

Septic1233d ago

Yeah but The Division suggests they haven't learnt much. It seems obviously downgraded from the first showing to me.

ImmortalCarrot1233d ago

well, i think it's better for them show all the downgrades during E3 or any other showcase rather than having the consumers to know its downgraded during release.
It's a mature move for Ubisoft but lets see how long theyre going to keep this practice.

uth111233d ago

Well they did show The Division before this policy. The real test will be for games like "For Honor"

trenso11233d ago

the division and watch dogs were shown around the same time, so this policy was put in after the first showing. explaining why the division looked the way it did

DragoonsScaleLegends1233d ago

Who cares about the graphics when the story sucked and had some of the worst characters I've ever seen with some even being sex slaves with gross piercings.

decrypt1233d ago

Well whats the point of new tech if we dont care about graphics?

Its obvious new Graphics cards and consoles role out so we can enjoy higher levels of graphics fidelity.

Just about anything we see now in games could have been done on last gen hardware with a graphics downgrade.

Graphics do matter which is why we keep investing in more and more powerful hardware.

ThunderPulse1233d ago

BETHESDA was honest with the FALLOUT 4 footage

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ClayRules20121233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

At least he was honest about that. Having said that, I don't trust Ubisoft anymore.

Volkama1233d ago

Can we have some backlash over the awful fake party chat that accompanies all of their multiplayer gameplay reveals?

junir1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

And the fake music build-up towards the end of all their demos needs to be called out as well. They just abuse it.

Watch_Dogs: A helicopter spotted Aiden while he's on the run! *Cue dramatic music*

The Division: Another team is in the vicinity of the extraction zone and they're attacking us! *Cue bombastic music*

Rainbow Six Siege: It's down to 1 vs 1 with the hostage hanging in the balance. Cut at final bullet exchange between the two! *Cue tense music*

chaldo1233d ago

I actually do believe the rainbow six siege music will be there. Hopefully. Just like what happens on search and destroy in cod games :D

Tonykid1233d ago

But I actually music buildup and the party chat.

Septic1233d ago

Yeah that really is annoying. The Division one had me fooled; thinking that the voices would be integrated into the game they way they showed.


Volkama1233d ago

They will!

*If you choose to talk like that

AudioEppa1233d ago

I think it was pretty obvious at E3 they were taking a 'less fake' and actual approach.

Of course as best as they Ubisoft can, the company isn't going to change overnight, no matter the previous backlash. there's still enough or more people who don't care how a game is presented differently than how it actually looks when you play it.

People just like having something new to play.

Legion211233d ago

Just hoping ghost recon looks/plays like the reveal

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