Naruto Storm 4: Ultimate Jutsu, 40 Minute Gameplay from Event Demo

Gameplay from Naruto Storm 4 from event demos at Anime Expo and Japan Expo.

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Game4r1259d ago

This game is looking to be the best in the series!

Vasto1259d ago

Cant wait to get my hands on this game. It looks really good.

Lonnie181259d ago

Big Naruto fan here, can't wait as I got 100% in 3 of the past games.

Josuey1259d ago

I want it
This holiday im getting

Persona 5,Naruto ninja storm 4 and MKX or tales of zesteria hopefully in one of those B2G1F target specials.

Im no longer buying 3rd party games from EA UBSISOFT and activision. From now on i will be buying primarily ps4 exclusives and select 3rd party games from devs that dont comepletly screw me over.

WinterChilly1259d ago

I won't even watch this :). I know it will be epic but still the anime is behind(didn't read the manga), and i will wait the anime to finish, then i'll play the game :P. Too many spoilers for me :(.