EA Sports talks Madden NFL 16 visuals, Ignite & Seattle's defensive inspirations

Being beautiful isn’t easy for anyone, but in the world of video games, it’s even more difficult. With added pressure as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have officially replaced the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as the main home consoles in the homes of millions of gamers worldwide, EA Sports knew that they couldn’t rely on the stellar visuals in “Madden NFL 15.”

EA Sports talks Madden NFL 16 visuals, Ignite & Seattle's defensive inspirations
EA Sports w/Permission
“Madden NFL 16” had to be “hot.” Like Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover hot.

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hduce1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I thought Madden 15 was good but I wouldn't call the visuals stellar. I still waiting for the game to look like that trailer that was called the Next Generation Of Madden they did a few years back. Here's a link for it Sorry I couldn't find a higher resolution version.

KarmaV121229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I think the best looking sports game may be the new PGA Tour Golf game. The visuals looked stellar in what they've shown so far. Wonder if they will ever shift to Frostbite for all their games.

DougLord1229d ago

The problem is that the game has gotten so complicated its impossible to play. On Rookie its too easy - on pro its too hard. I don't want to have to choose between being 16-0 no matter how drunk I am and 0-16 no matter how sober!

Same thing with NBA. Realism is killing FUN.

fanboysmackdown1229d ago

With you there. Need a Blitz revival as well as NHL Hitz Pro and other arcade sports titles....those were fun. These new sports sims are a chore and I stopped buying them.

InTheZoneAC1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

so any game that you can't immediately ace is no fun?

I like cars and sim racers, and sometimes GT and Project Cars are hard, but do I stop buying them? No

I like football, but can't win every game online, do I stop buying Madden? No

I like playing games on hard and when I die several times do I tell myself I'm not buying the next one? No

Go buy a wii if you can't get better at a game or don't want a challenge.

You can't even compare Madden to blitz as they're two totally different games.

Damn, I can't even believe someone complained madden was too hard, like really? What were you expecting? Football 101?

thereapersson1229d ago

I thought 2k's superstar difficulty was ridiculous until I won the finals. Now I'm on Hall of Fame and it's only marginally more difficult. Just keep practicing and you'll get there.

iSuperSaiyanGod1229d ago

I can hold my own on all madden . But I won't be a number 1 seed lol I'll be like 11-5 & barely squeaking out wins by 18-14 . Lucky if I score 30+ lmao I'm pretty solid on D . I just can't score worth anything lol

fanboysmackdown1229d ago

InTheZoneAC, where does it say anything about car sims (and I prefer the old Burnout titles over any sim)? Madden is just the same old regurgitated game it has been for so many years and it ain't fun anymore. If you still enjoy them....great. Keep giving EA your dough every year for the same game and I'll keep my $$ in my pocket.

GamingTruth1229d ago

youll have a hard time outside of the internet convincing anyone that your bashing words of madden is true; when your bashing comments of maddent are the same as they have been for about 10 years copying other people hating on the franchise

Maxor1229d ago

No. Just no. If you're a football fan then it can't get complicated enough.

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mxpxboy771229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

2 years ago, I pledged to not buy another Madden game until they actually have features on par with NFL 2K5. I want a pre, half and post game wrap up show. I want replays from all the games happening around the league. And I'm not talking about a 10 second mention or rundown. I want highlights of every game like 2K5 had! I want way better graphics. And lastly, I want the back of endzones and sidelines to actually look like a real game. I'm so tired of every dang year, looking at the same photographers and video cameramen wearing exactly the same clothes, kneeling on exactly the same knee and reacting with exactly the same animations at exactly the same time. It breaks immersion and is uncalled for. Exactly what we all feared would happen happened when EA bought the exclusive rights./rant

InTheZoneAC1229d ago

So you're not buying Madden until presentation is addressed?

Remember, that's what you said.

mxpxboy771229d ago

Ummm yes, That's what I said. And I will remember it because I haven't bought it in two years. Not sure what you're trying to get at.

fanboysmackdown1229d ago

You have a Madden fanboy harping at your heels mxp. 2K5 was and still is the best football sim going and Madden sucks.

GamingTruth1229d ago

let me guess, the internets agreeing with you makes you think your right on what your saying about madden?

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