Nintendo to aim for a “free-to-start” mobile gaming model

By announcing its plans to start a presence on mobile, Nintendo has practically sealed its fate in that part of the market. But, as with many advanced announcement, details of those plans haven't been fleshed out or, in some cases, might be totally non-existent. Nintendo isn't divulging much of its plans for the future but, at a recent shareholders' meeting, CEO Satoru Iwata revealed one aspect of its mobile business plan. It wants to distance itself from the negative image of "free-to-play" and will instead adopt a "free-to-start" business model.

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DragoonsScaleLegends988d ago

At least they admit free to play is not free to play. They are about the only company who admits it and I give them props for that. Fuck every company who makes free to play games and then has pay to win trash all scattered in it to make it unplayable. Now with Nintendo games they tell me I have to pay if I like it. But regardless mobile games are filled with trash and I hope it dies out. I mean the PSP is way lower spec than most modern mobile phones yet the PSP has better looking and playing games than are on mobile.

2cents988d ago

I miss what Nintendo was.
I hate what Nintendo is becoming.

Free to Start? how about Free to Ignore.

TheEnigma313988d ago

I feel bad for Nintendo. They're stuck in limbo and seems to have no clear direction. Let's wait and see how this works.

pompombrum988d ago

Go google how much money they have, you'll stop feeling bad for them.

TheEnigma313988d ago

It's not about money; it just sucks watching them go this route. I don't like seeing Nintendo like this.

paul-p1988987d ago

You need to have happy customers buying your products to continue to make money

unhappy customers > no profits > cash reserves deplete > Bankrupt

And they are already starting on the first step of that above plan...

Monster_Tard988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

They are just trying out a market that they think can be profitable, It's not like they are solely focusing on mobile gaming. MS and Sony have dipped into the mobile gaming market as well.

5yb5n6u988d ago

"It wants to distance itself from the negative image of "free-to-play" and will instead adopt a "free-to-start" business model"
nintendos usual move.
take some old thing, rebrands them.
call it innovation
waiting now for what they gonna call "touchscreen control" and "console-like graphic"

KryptoniteTail988d ago

Disgusting. Just make normally priced games.