Until Dawn's multiplayer mode was listed in error, SCEE clarifies

A 2-12 player multiplayer mode for Until Dawn was listed by PlayStation Asia in error, an SCEE representative has confirmed to

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ArchangelMike1255d ago

Has anyone ever made a survival horror multiplayer game yet? That would be quite cool if done right. Kojima and Del Toror should do that team up and make one. I'm sure they would come up with some great ideas. I'm thinking something like Forbiden siren meets DayZ. :)

Skate-AK1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Resident Evil Outbreak for PS2. Had a lot if fun with the game and was probably my first online experience. It was that or Battlefront

MasterCornholio1255d ago

Hmm heres an idea for the game.

Imagine twitch streaming but adding the option so that the viewers can make the choices in the game. That would be quite amazing in my opinion.

Skate-AK1255d ago

Similar to that Twich Play's Pokemon thing that was going in a couple months ago?

MasterCornholio1255d ago

I never saw that so I don't know what you mean.

But if you go to twitch streams sometimes you can affect the streamers game. I remember that Dead Nation had a feature like that where you could choose to either help them or make the game more difficult.

Rookie_Monster1255d ago ShowReplies(4)
AudioEppa1255d ago

MP.. in this? Uhh idk.

I get how interesting it might seem, but to be honest I couldn't see it being implanted well enough right now, maybe in a few years If this gets a sequel.

But only if you can be done right and not just feel like a cheap add on because people need MP if a game is $60.