Alexander Raid Trailer Released for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The trailer for the Alexander raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward has been released. And it looks amazing.

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Name Last Name1137d ago

I want to get back into this game but I just don't have enough free time to warrant the monthly charge.

rainezakaia1137d ago

Aw :( is there any free time coming up for you? It's about $12(might be a little more, I feel like it's a little more) bucks a month for me, and that is the standard sub. That is around 50c a day. For me, that is worth it xD but I'm not sure how much free time you have and your opinion could very well differ to mine. And that's okay.

Really hope you are able to get back into the game sooner rather than later. Heavensward is absolutely amazing!

remixx1161137d ago

Yeah it is definitely worth the payment......Lotta hours lost in that game.

stragomccloud1137d ago

Oh man I love this game! I can't wait! I'm still hoping to clear coils, though. I'd love to glamour some armor pieces.

Long live "Heirs of the Sun" of Famfrit!

remixx1161137d ago

Screw the suns, organization XIII on exodus muthaf*cka....., glad your enjoying the game bro.

rainezakaia1137d ago

More like Night Raid of Cerberus! :P

Really glad to see people enjoying the game. Stragomccloud, pity you aren't on Cerb, me and my mates would have run you through the first coil and part of the second(haven't cleared T9. We keep getting distracted xDD)