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"Initially, Ronin reminded me of Gunpoint, the 2D, noir, sprite-based, stealth hacking game from 2013. Yet different people, with very different intentions, made these games. Ronin may also be 2D, sprite-based and feature noir leanings, but it focuses on assassinations and sneaky ninja antics, rather than spies and hacking. Where Gunpoint had you avoiding combat where possible and working in multiple layers with stealth and hacking, Ronin makes the combat the centre point and adds layers to it with larger levels, more enemies and a laundry list of ninja abilities including holograms, shuriken, teleports and grappling hooks."

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shipnabottle1108d ago

Looks like fun, nice review.

Bring on the indie invasion, kind of too many games to choose from now, which I guess is a good thing really.

I guess it's a situation where even the average ones are pretty good, which is a good sign of so much talent around.

SlappingOysters1108d ago

It's nothing to do with the movie though, right?