Criterion Games in talks with MS to bring Burnout Paradise to Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

Criterion is currently in talks with Microsoft about making Burnout Paradise available on XBox One via backwards-compatibility. This was revealed via a post on their official twitter page. It's great to see developers showing their support for Xbox Ones Backward Compatibility feature.

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Septic1174d ago

Nice. I wonder how many other devs have already given the green light to this. Can you imagine devs/ publishers being greedy and withholding consent because they want to milk remasters instead?! I could see it happening.

christocolus1174d ago

Septic i was wondering,will Xbox One owners without copies of the xbx 360 game be able to buy backward compatible xbox 360 games from the Xbx360 marketplace?

Septic1174d ago

You mean buy 360 games from the X1 marketplace? No reason why it cannot happen. BC games are downloaded digitally anyway.

Expect some BC 360 games to be added to XBL Gold or EA Access soon.

GoPanthers9991174d ago

In the future, yes, but currently you can buy them from the Xbox website or on a 360 console.

Rookie_Monster1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )


The fact that you had mentioned about the availability of X360 games in the marketplace lead me to believe most of the third party games from Burnout, Skyrim, Red Dead, and COD will be there. These company knows there are more hardware available now to sell their back catalog of games and that people will buy them and basically cost them nothing but a simple "yes" to make it BC. There is really no downside to making games BC on the XB1 from a business standpoint.

BattleAxe1174d ago

You can buy Xbox 360 games digitally on in the meantime.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1174d ago

I don't understand why licensing deals for the future are not forced when they originally release these games on the platform. Sony had the same issues with releasing PS1 and PS2 games and as a result not even half of PS1 games were put on the store and less than 40 PS2 games. If I were Sony or Microsoft in the licensing deals I would make it were they always have the rights to have the digital versions of games sold for future consoles instead of just the current console.

christocolus1174d ago

Good to see Criterion supporting this. I hope more devs support MS on this.

RiseofScorpio1174d ago

I can definetly see Ubi and EA onboard but Activision is probably too stingy. 360 games on EA access would be insane.

DillyDilly1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

That would defeat the purpose of Backwards Compatibility if we cant play games like Mass Effect outside of EA Access. That would be stupid

jackanderson19851174d ago


i'm guessing he meant if EA started putting those games on EA Access rather than limiting it to EA Access... so people who don't have last gen EA games will get them as part of the EA Access programme

StrayaKNT1174d ago

Good move criterion, good move.

RiseofScorpio1174d ago

I hope the whole Criteron lineup comes to BC, that would be fantastic.

spicelicka1174d ago

How about a new burnout game!! My favourite racing franchise!

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The story is too old to be commented.