The Rumor Killers: GTA Wii, Tekken 6 360 and PSP 3000

TheGameReviews tears into current rumors looking for a verdict.

Grand Theft Auto Wii: TGR Verdict: Very Likely
PSP-3000 in the Works:TGR Verdict: Unlikely
Tekken 6 Heading for Xbox 360: TGR Verdict: Likely

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Silogon3675d ago

Didn't your all's buddy Gayblow say Tekken was going to xbox 360 like 6 months ago?

butterfinger3675d ago

did you tell us that a couple months ago?

Silogon3675d ago

Me? hahahahaha, we're on this again? I thought we was past this by now.

butterfinger3674d ago

I was just playing, I never really thought you were the actual Gamesblow. Your negative about everything, but he is negative about everything with a more annoying passion. lol.

butterfinger3675d ago

none of these rumors really affect me, but it would be cool to see GTAWii:P

Lifendz3674d ago

but if they try to do GTAIV I think we'll all appreciate the game's look on PS3/360 because a Wii version is guaranteed to be ugly.

And I realize that complaining about Wii graphics is like complaining about RROD on 360 (being that it's just the norm now).

thegamereviews3675d ago

GTA for the WII would be great, ahh think of the wiimote applications.

facepalm3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I can see the commercials now....

"With the wonders of the Wiimote you can now use real "b**** slapping" motions to knockout hookers and take back your money!!"

La Chance3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

is coming to 360.
Its been in devellopment for ages...there must be something going on.

Moreover Namco themselves said it could go multiplat.

Anyway lost interst in Tekken after Tekken 3 came out.

@ThanatosDMC : when i say its been in dev for ages I meant to say something "exterior" to Namco and Sony has probably been "pushing back" the realease date.

ThanatosDMC3675d ago

Just like Too Human, right? Or let's see... according to your logic... ummm.. Killzone 2?

butterfinger3675d ago

Tekken 6 on the 360 won't matter, because the PS3 will most likely have the better version anyway since it is probably the lead console for development.

JordanL3675d ago

I'm surprised butterfinger has been getting disagrees, because he's absolutely right.

Difference in lead development > Difference in console hardware

Look at Killzone 2
Look at Gears 2

You think either of those would be remotely that good if they were ports?

CrazzyMan3675d ago

For now it`s only SPECULATIONS.
Both might come true.)

Then, MORE GAMERS will be able to play GOOD games.)
Since, ME was developed for x360, and Tekken 6 for PS3, that means, both games won`t suffer in quality and may only improve.)

Megatron083675d ago

Unlike namco bioware has said repeatedly that ME 1 and ME 2 are 360. However now that EA owns them they might force a ps3 port if they can. MS might have some kind of agreement with bioware to prevent this.

Now on the other hand Namco just said that tekken 6 isnt a ps3 exclusive. Personally never liked tekken so i dont care what system(s) its on.

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Harry1903675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

in Japan. Seriously,that would be funny.

SC4 PS3 will definitely outsell the 360 version thanks to Japan only.
And last time I checked N.A sales re-orders are also higher for the PS3 version.
You never know though,crazy stuff happens,but not this time.

Solid_Snake6663675d ago

thst is true and most likeley to happen

Megatron083675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I'm sure when they look at the sells figure they are not just looking at worldwide figures. They will look at NA figures vs NA figures and UK vs UK. Plus they will look at how many copies are sold on the 360 if 500,000 or 2 million copies sells that a lot of profit for them. These companies make millions/billions of dollars they are not run by stupid fanboys.

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