'Arkham Knight' is absolutely fun, but sometimes it forgets it's a Batman game | BI review

It’s almost like the developers, in their efforts to give us a better video game, forgot to give gamers a better Batman game.

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hades071135d ago

I agree so far. Only 15% completed in the story but so far there is a lot of batmobile and its battle mode but I havent been Batman much. Hopefully I do get to be him more often as the story progresses.

Summons751135d ago

I'm about at the same point. While I agree the story has too much car crud the rest of the game is really fun to run around as Bats and the story has already topped Arkham City.

CorndogBurglar1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

The balance is there. Yes, there are parts that require the Batmobile, but there are also far more parts where its your choice.

The Riddler's story related puzzles all require the Batmobile. Also, some missions in the main story and side quests require them. But at the same time there are probably just as many missions that require you not to use it, like tracking the Penguin's vans, Man-Bat, and so on.

City traversal is up to you, and fortunately how you decide to get places is up to you. In fact, you can't even take the Batmobile onto the 3rd island until you progress the main story to about 60% or so. There is plenty to do on that island before then, so you will find yourself going through hours of gameplay without ever having to enter the Batmobile. I did anyway while i was going around and taking out all the roadblocks and artillery towers.

All in all, the Batmobile is fun to use, and like it or not, it is a mainstay and integral tool in the Batmobile mythos. I don't see any problem with it in this game because there is still just as much predator and fighting instances in the game as in the previous games. So I like it.

You are right though, the beginning of the game is kind of Batmobile-centric, but i think that is to get the player used to how it works, because once you start unlocking other missions and progressing the story, your choices of how to approach the game really start to open up.

hades071135d ago

Thanks for the info Corndog. I am a huge batman fan and loving the game so far. Hard to avoid all the spoilers of who the Arkham Knight was while I was on vacay but now I can play the game. I didnt read any reviews just looked at the scores mostly, so seeing the Batmobile play such an intergral role was surprising.

CorndogBurglar1135d ago

Anytime man. I actually havent finished the game yet either. I'm about 70% through with the story and i'm working on the side missions right now. I've actually managed to avoid the spoilers too, so I don't know who the Knight is yet either, although i'm pretty sure i guessed it the very first time him and Batman meet face to face. The things he's knows and the way he talks leads me to believe he can only be one person, but I won't say here.

You can PM me if you want and I'll tell you what i think if you care to know. :)

IcicleTrepan1135d ago

I've played through about 70% of the story and finished a few of the side stories. I find that the overall balance is great. Some stuff you must do with the batmobile, other stuff you don't need it at all. Some things you can use it for but don't have to if you don't want to. It's a great mixture and it helps to change things up now and then over the course of what is a very long game. The story is awesome as well.

Julion07151135d ago

I'm at like 8% I don't have a problem with the batmobile. I'm glad and honestly very impressed how they made it apart of the story. There commitment to the batmobile shows great job Devs for making your vision.

adaminoregon1135d ago

I've had this game all weekend, and I must say they should have called it the Batmobile game featuring Batman. I agree with those that have said the Batmobile is waaaaayyyy overused. I am working on freeing catwoman and the on the second riddler challenge I have to remote control the batcar to switch a lever to move a seesaw to .....Aggggh. Just give me some Batman action. I would have loved a couple of sections of batmobile, but this is too much. Not to mention, this game is so dark that when you are driving around all fast, you can't really see any of the amazing work that went in to making this world.

Tex1171135d ago

The overuse on the Batmobile in PUZZLES is what grinds my gears.

Its just a silly mechanic and the developers forgot to "find the fun" in those sections.

The rest of the game is a ton of fun.