Siren Blood Curse: Adding People On MSN?

It seems if you bought the recent PSN game, Siren: Blood curse, and are using your hotmail account as your PSN email, a Siren bot adds you on MSN not long after purchase, and tells you your dead along with other eery messages, it seems not even blocking works.

The Bots address is [email protected]


Yeh sorry guys, turns out it was a HOAX! only came to light after id posted it.

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Bombibomb3402d ago

Damn that's kinda creepy. WTF Sony?

Tmac3402d ago

Thanks for the extra creepyness sony.

Ice2ms3402d ago

Scary stuff right there

Coconutz9193402d ago

Yeah, that's pretty creepy... cool idea.

kingOVsticks3402d ago

I use a msn account and I was going to buy siren tomorrow but after reading this im not going to be scared now! Not to sound like a weirdo but I would have rather read the messages unsuspecting of the death threats :P

Dir_en_grey3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The creators are geniuses.
There are more "out side of game" experiences but I think so far this one is the coolest... Hope you guys spot more stuff.
Enjoy the game =)

Edit: read the thread, it was all a joke by somebody messaging people...
It would've been cool if it was real though. Oh well there are other net related stuff in the game so...

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name3402d ago

Jesus that's creepy.

butterfinger3402d ago

That is scary and making me glad that I don't have an MSN email address. lol

ravinash3402d ago

Its actually Microsoft threatening people for buying the competition's product.

Overr8ed3402d ago

damn why did i need to put my hotmail as my psn

Galvanise3402d ago

I think this is a fantastic Idea.

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The story is too old to be commented.