Mods already exist for Fallout 4

It’s official, mods are already being created for Bethesda Software’s next post-nuclear adventure to the wasteland in Fallout 4. Zealotlee made the announcement via Bethesda’s forums, where he revealed that he’s working on a Rail Rifle for the RPG.

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Sureshot1106d ago

Sweet! can't wait to try em out on my xbox!

Rookie_Monster1106d ago

Wow, totally forgot about that PC made mod are on XB1 for a timed period. You XB1 gamers are lucky to get mod and a BC digital copy of FO3 as well. I am getting the PC version but I was hoping that FO3 would be made free as well. Oh well, enjoy.

1105d ago
Revengeance1105d ago

Can't wait to try them on my PS4!

Sureshot1105d ago

I wish you could but you can't...

Stapleface1105d ago

Yes he can, eventually. PC gets mod kit, Xb1 gets mod support first for consoles some unknown time after mod kit is out for pc, then ps4 gets mod support later on.

kingdom181105d ago

@Stapleface exactly, which gives us plenty of time to go through a vanilla playthrough of Fallout 4, then try out some mods when the timed exclusivity ends.

GameSpawn1105d ago

Console players (especially Xboxers) need to take this mod thing with a grain of salt. The full details and supported release date have not been revealed.

Considering the closed nature of both consoles' networks though I GUARANTEE console mods (while ported from PC mods) will have to go through a "Steam Workshop"-esk front. This means all mods being ported will be subject to some sort of approval, meaning game breaking and/or system breaking mods WILL NOT get approved and choices will be LIMITED.

This will not be a simple grab a mod from the Nexus (or any other modding community), toss it on a flash drive, and drop it into your system. I don't see Sony OR Microsoft being this open, especially if it could mean creating a mod to "exploit" Fallout 4 to open both the PS4 and Xbox One to hackers for piracy and other nefarious reasons.

kingdom181105d ago

@GameSpawn Clearly no one was going to go to Nexus and download some mods and put them on a console. Most of us are aware that they are going to heavily regulate the mods available for consoles, and they will most likely be weapons/armour, and some gameplay mods, without much more especially since we won't have access to any script extenders that are needed for many mods.

Revengeance1105d ago

If you actually did your research you would know they're coming to PS4 just not at the same time as XB1.

Nice try tho.

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Sureshot1105d ago

Ahh crud, didn't read the fine print! At least you ps4 guys will have the bug free mods lol!

GameSpawn1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

If you are lucky they'll allow the Unofficial Bugfix mods through that fix LOTS of the issues that don't get fixed in the patches. The number of fixes that are still in the Unofficial Bugfix Patch mods for FO3, New Vegas, and Skyrim is mind boggling.

The only problem is "fixes" that require a Script Extender (thinking of that I wonder what NVSE will get renamed to since FOSE was already used for FO3). If a Script Extender is required then the mod/fix cannot be ported.

Revengeance1105d ago

You'll probably get fixes for em. Modders don't stop working till their mods work nearly perfect.