Chinese school for underprivileged kids pledges $20,000 to Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

A non-profit school in China dedicated to helping underprivileged children has pledged $20,000 to Shenmue 3's Kickstarter to help raise awareness of its organisation.

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faysal988d ago

this is such a amazing thing to do to raise awareness. i hope they get a special treat from shenmue devs.

Sureshot988d ago

Are you for cereal? This is so stupid! A school for the underprivileged donating to a kickstarter? What. A. Waste. Of. Money.

pasta_spice988d ago

Yeah, that money should have gone to the kids. $20,000 could help a lot of underprivileged students. :(

tablecloth988d ago

Would you have known about them otherwise? No.

faysal988d ago

it is about investment. that 20k for exposure can easily bring about alot more money from the public. i want to donate my self to the school. i dont think i would have known about them if they didn't get exposure.

camel_toad988d ago

Its the same concept as big charity events. You spend money to make money.

faysal988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

this is what the brothers who donated this money had to say...
"My brother and I decided to contribute $20,000 for the making of Shenmue III. We spent many hours thinking about whether this is a good or bad decision. We spent $10,000 in 2012 to get our school off the ground and that went a long way. Because of our initial $10,000 pledge, the school received an amazing amount of attention in China, social media and gaming websites so we hope that continues. We decided to purchase the NPC and hope we can have our teaching assistant from Wuhan be in it since she is actually Chinese and very much deserves it. Though it is hope that she can be a villager and not a fighter!"

Psychotica988d ago

I am for cereal, Cheerios are pretty good..

2cents988d ago

So strange.

"Please help us and our poor little school, here have $20,000... now please help us we have no money!!!"


Lightning Mr Bubbles987d ago

Sounds like XBOX faboys are at work again.

Complaining and trying to make people feel guilty for the Shenmue 3 kickstarter.

It bet if the game was also coming to XBOX One, this would of never turned into such a big issue

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MasterCornholio988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

"We are also hoping that since we will be listed in the credits as a special sponsor that it can have our school with a logo and a website rather than our names."

I get that they want people to recognize them more. And I know that if they are donating 20000$ they expect to get that money back.

But it is really risky to do something like this. I mean 20000$ is alot of money just to get your name in the credits, a dinner with Yu and one of your teachers as an NPC in the game (I read the article not just the headline).

Before I finish no one is pressuring the school to do this. They did this out of their own free will. And while some people may call Yu evil for accepting this donation just remember that the school wasnt forced to give it.

I honestly hope they get the recognition that they deserve and hopefully they will get that money back through donations.

2cents988d ago

yes... hopefully people will feel sorry for their idiocy and donate some money to the poor kids.

Regardless of how honest their motives are, this is a stupid move that others with a conscious will now pay for.

Skate-AK988d ago

'Sorry kids, there are no desks or pencils this year because we donated to the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter. Look at the bright side though, you can play Shenmue 3 on the PS4 you surely can't afford.'

Mikefizzled988d ago

I think this is an 'all-in' publicity/advertising stunt that is stupid but may pay off.

Activemessiah988d ago

If this was a move to raise awareness about their school/cause then bravo.... hell of a move because it sure worked. This may in turn get people to donate to their school, It's a calculated risk that may pay off in the long term.

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