343’s Development Director Defends Halo 5 Following Eurogamer’s Halo 5 Article

343's Halo development director Frank O'Connor comments on the Eurogamer Halo 5: Guardians article that was published a few days ago.

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Septic1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

If the devs made sacrifices to achieve 60fps then they really need to ensure that it hits a stable 60fps.

Halo 5: Guardians looked good but not exceptional and in part, I thought it was the focus on 60fps.

I'm glad O'Connor hasn't shied away from the Eurogamer discussion. Lets hope they take it on board. I want a stable 60 fps; at least for the MP.

VER1ON1135d ago

Agreed, it seems they are taking a different approach for Halo 5 and are trying to deliver a new experience, including the removal of the split-screen mode. They better deliver or the result will be a lot of angry Halo fans.

christocolus1135d ago

I trust 343i to make the right decisions for this game.They seem to be digging deeper into the Halo lore with Halo 5's campaign and im sure they'll give as much attention to the campaign as they will the MP.Looking forward to the Gamescom presentation. I hope they show something new and focus on Masterchief and his team this time around.

nX1135d ago

So removing something fans loved is now considered "delivering a new experience"?

Imagine Gears without local multiplayer, wouldn't you be mad as well? The underlying problem is just that if the industry's biggest games remove these core features they will become extinct one day.

Septic1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )


"So removing something fans loved is now considered "delivering a new experience"? "

No, having a large scale MP battle with loads of AI battling it out in the world ala the new Warzone mode is a new experience.

60 Fps for Halo is a new experience.

The split campaign digging really deep into Halo lore is a new one too.

Halo 5: Guardians looks EXTREMELY promising, especially for Halo fans. Yes no split-screen is a big misstep but a lot of non-fans seem to be butting in on the game. But obviously, Halo has always attracted haters.

Halo 5 looks set to impress at this stage. The only thing that looks like it could let it down is the technical stuff.

"The underlying problem is just that if the industry's biggest games remove these core features they will become extinct one day."

You are correct here. However, do note that Halo has always been ahead of the curve, especially with its 4 player co-op that other fps exclusives haven't bothered with, let alone split screen.

Halo 5: Guardians is giving you:

4 player story co-op
ALL MP dlc for FREE
A new large scale MP mode
Traditional Arena PvP

So compared to others, it is already ahead of the curve.

LexHazard791135d ago

@Bloodborn, no i wouldnt be mad as hell because I stopped doing local multiplayer split screen like 15yrs ago. With work and family I dont have the time to have friends over like back in the days.

As long as it has a good campaign and the online is great. Ill be a happy gamer.

-Foxtrot1135d ago

Not to mention the fact you have a bunch of AI's constantly following you now even if you aren't playing online with people

Meaning single player people who play through Halo for the story are now left with a massive helping hand from AI guys.

When does the Chief ever need help, I mean really.

I think the AI's are going to spoil it if it can't be turned off.

Septic1135d ago


Whilst I am excited to see Blue team back (cant believe they are woO!) you're right to an extent. It dilutes the appeal of Master Chief if he has 3 other Spartans in tow. They should take some bold moves and split him from them or something.

-Foxtrot1135d ago


That's my problem with it

It's Halo 5...a MAIN GAME with Master Chief, not Halo Reach 2

VoiceMale1135d ago

@ foxtrot & septic....that's just it spartans are never loners..they are always a part of a team and chief was never the best at everything in his squad

If u read the books and dive deeper into the halo realm u would realise how much halo 5 is....well halo

PLAY ANY HALO and u will see the emphasis on chief always working with the marines and even more so his AI companion Cortana

So the idea that the chief is a loner or one man army is not true

Even as kids John 117 was working in a group during training to earn themselves meals when the day was concluded....

So for People like me and others who knows the truth...we cant wait to see blue team in action just like how it all started

Septic1135d ago


"Even as kids John 117 was working in a group during training to earn themselves meals when the day was concluded....

So for People like me and others who knows the truth...we cant wait to see blue team in action just like how it all started"

Actually, that's a very good point. MC was never supposed to be alone. Especially in the books. Now they really need to flesh out Blue team as PROPER members of a squad. That's going to be a difficult job.

Godmars2901135d ago

"or the result will be a lot of angry Halo fans."

Who will still largely wind up buying the game.

Sad truth about gamers, from Halo to Uncharted to any established franchise in general, and even then*: once hooked they will always defend a game. regardless of quality.

*I mean, just a grain of hype for game with just a title and a few - one - pieces of concept art will breed legions of cosplayers.

Septic1135d ago


"Sad truth about gamers, from Halo to Uncharted to any established franchise in general, and even then*: once hooked they will always defend a game. regardless of quality. "

Except for the fact that games like Halo and Uncharted have consistently had great quality. Some will bemoan the lack of splitscreen but the core experience still exists and the improvements are there for all to see.

There's nothing sad about it. These experiences are some of the best in their respective genres; of course people will buy them.

Kal0psia1135d ago


Obviously his gone rogue now so he doesn't have the usual help. It only makes sense why he needs the help. Especially with the recent lore hinting to a new enemy.


One day, .....

Even as a Halo fan myself, this outspoken outrage is just that, loud people shouting like babies. I was kind of downed by the news but then began to see the game for what it is today and what 343 are trying to deliver, no doubt it far outweighs a split-screen removal.

Loktai1135d ago

@Septic Split campaign like HALO2 You mean?

WeedyOne1135d ago

343 makes a good Halo campaign and thats about all they do well for the fanchise...They have failed time and time again with the multiplayer.

Look at halo 4 loadout system, look at the MCC that was unplayable for half a freaking year! Now they are removing split screen from Halo 5?!? WTF are they thinking!?!

scientificreasoning1135d ago At I trust 343...words that should never be spoken. Halo is a shell of its former self.

Trekster_Gamer1135d ago

343 Has some of the best talent on the planet and I love what they have done with the franchise.
My only concern is how much of the game are you playing as Master Chief. For me he is still the heart and soul of all things Halo.

Crimzon1135d ago

On the subject of AI soldiers following you around, wasn't that actually one of the defining features of the first Halo game? You had all these regular human soldiers fighting with you and it made the player feel more powerful and like a true spartan because the regular human soldiers died so easily? Wasn't that actually part of the core Halo experience and part of the design process for highlighting how great spartan soldiers really were?

I've never actually played Halo so I really don't know, but I was reading an interesting article about game design which referenced this as being something really clever about Halo, so thought it worth mentioning on the topic of AI troops joining the player.

iTechHeads1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Removal of features is never a good thing. Split Screen is important to a lot of people, especially those of us who have big-ass TVs and a significant other, brother, GF...etc.

choujij1135d ago

Many people are so self centred, they just don't get it... Yes, you personally may not care about a specific feature. However, that does not negate the importance of the feature to others, many of which that are long time loyal fans. There are many Halo players that really enjoy and find useful a feature such as splitscreen. It became a defining mark for the franchise.

tuglu_pati1135d ago


same thing could be said the other way around.

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nX1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Dropping a fan favourite split-screen mode is never a good decision, they could've just made it run at 30fps like Battlefront does.

@below: Battlefront runs at 40-50fps when playing alone, I don't think they can hold that in split-screen though. In any case, split-screen is doable for Halo if DICE was able to pull it off.

starchild1135d ago

I thought Battlefront runs at around 40 to 50fps? Did they announce they've decided to cap it at 30fps or something?

iistuii1135d ago

I thought Battlefront was 60fps,or aiming for it. But like B4 it's sacrificing 1080 to get it. 900p I think...

Nick_The_Slick1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Obviously if it's as easy as you say, then they would have done it. But they haven't, so that must mean it's not...

FlexLuger1135d ago Show
freshslicepizza1135d ago

ea removed split screen from need for speed, guerilla games removed it for the latest killzone game. so it's not just isolated to halo.

splitscreen impacts performance and the advancements in online gaming along with the huge rise in popularity has changed development focus. nintendo still holds local multiplayer of high value but we have seen the xbox and playstation shying away from it.

Nosred1135d ago

@FlexLuger that @Bloodborn this trolling.

He only see the circus on fire, it is a blind sony fanboy who pay full price for remater games last year and is seeing the MS do better with BC and large AAA games for this and next year.But he comes here trying to debunk the Halo even MS doing a great job.

This is just a frustrated child who has no decent games to play.

peshkavusCA1135d ago

I get head ache playing on split screen so no big deal. Oh look a user with a Bloodborn name acting so concern about HALO lol Buy an Xbox 1 man!

Professor_K1135d ago

I dont think your in a position to criticize a game when your a fan of a game that is sigleplayer only

Rookie_Monster1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

"ea removed split screen from need for speed, guerilla games removed it for the latest killzone game. so it's not just isolated to halo."

Bingo!! And did we get 50 articles about how those other games don't have local split screen? Just because it is Halo, it brings out the best in all of us, the Halo lovers and the haters.

It is no different than if Lebrom James do something that is not out of the ordinary and has been done before by others but because he is "Lebron" that turns into HUGE news and controversy but when other NBA scrubs does it, you don't hear about it.

Sam logic here as Halo is like a mega Star of the gaming world and the attention and any news that people can dig up or made up will get magnified.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1135d ago

Played the beta I'm 100% on board for Halo 5 and I couldn't care if it hits 60 fps as the beta wasn't and it was totally fine and very fun.

Can't wait to play Warzone.

ninsigma1135d ago

Warzoooonneee!!!!! Thing looks awesome!

This all seems like a big Hu ha is being made out of nothing. This is what I see.

Website writes concern article.
Fan gets angry about said article.
343 dude says it's all good.
Another website writes an article to say as such to blow it out of proportion because they need hits.

It's all pointless until the game is released. I think we can all agree that the beta rocked and that wasn't at 60fps.So at the end of the day, I'm sure it'll be a solid game.

isa_scout1135d ago

I agree. It was really hard going back to the MCC after playing the beta for Halo Guardians. It played,looked, and performed extremely well. A lot of the concern comes from people that haven't and probably wont play H5. For me personally it was the best version of Halo MP I've ever played, and I'm a HUGE Halo fan. I really don't understand why people are pissed about the no split-screen thing. Does enough players really still use that feature to warrant adding it. Probably not. If my friends wanna play Guardians with me they'd better go home and turn it on.... I've always hated sharing the tv anyway.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1135d ago

@isa_scout, I agree completely. Halo 5 beta showed me a new level to MP, I am usually just stoked for the Campaign as I hadn't played Halo since Reach.

Halo 5 beta MP was so amazing i cant even go back to MCC it just feels so redundant in comparison. And to top it off I see Warzone footage at E3 and almost cried its the exact type of game mode I dreamed would be in Halo one day.

Nosred1135d ago

Funny and ta full of haters criticizing but not have an Xbox in order to play Halo 5, and another time by showing his Eurosony if one tedencioso site full of BS.A thing, asi is difficult to find an article criticizing the remaster of sony and their mistakes.

IamTylerDurden11135d ago

Did anyone notice how a multiplat game Battlfront is far more impressive visually? Halo and gears 4 are kind of last gen looking minus the particle fx that won't be in the final version.

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Magnes1135d ago

I hope by sacrifices they don't strip out visual elements that serve to make the game world look lush and complete in an effort to hit 1080p/60fps. I would rather see 900p/60fps with a graphically rich environment.

Bigpappy1135d ago

This is a none issue until it be comes an issue. Right now the game looks great as is. Doesn't need any graphical improvements to be great. It is all in the execution at this point. A stable frame rate would be nice. Whether that be 60 or 30.

Godmars2901135d ago

No, not consistently. Otherwise ODST would have taken lumps, and 343 wouldn't still have something to prove after taking the franchise mantle with Halo 4. Likewise, in keeping with the "its an every-problem" theme, Uncharted 3 took heat for not living up to the potential of its franchise, as is the collection if only for not having multiplayer.

Main point is that gamers have a bad habit of being defensive of brands and franchises even and especially when something is done against their interest. The fear being that instead of improvements a series could be ended. A rival brand would be looked upon more favorably.

Nevermind that crap like XBL Gold happened or PS Vue is a thing instead of PS3 BC.

XanderZane1135d ago

I don't think there is a FPS game that's 1080P 60FPS that runs on next -gen game consoles without frames dropping. Not one. I'll be surprised if Halo 5 will keep a lcoked 60fps in singer or multiplayer games. It's bounces between 50-60fps, I'm fine with that. I could care less about the split screen. What other FPS this gen has split-screen gameplay?

3-4-51135d ago

Imagine watching a movie that was at 24 FPS and then every 2 minutes it would go down to 22 or 21 FPS..

It would alter the experience in not a positive way.

IamTylerDurden11135d ago

I was surprised halo looked so last gen, they turned it into a 360 game with next gen particle fx just to TRY to hit 60 frames. They dumped split screen and made the shooting and physics from the other co op players look like sega saturn quality. The guns are low fidelity, textures are mucky, the gameplay looks like cod, and the voice acting was laughable. Nearly 3 months out and this is your saviour, your beautiful innovative flagship game? I expected more, it's scary that devs think this is good enough to justify a groundbreaking "goty candidate" that is supposed to be THE system seller. I'd rather play DOOM or Battlfront, i'd rather play Metro Redux or Wolfenstein for the sp experience. This game is no halo 2.

Septic1135d ago

Mate stop pretending. You know jack s*** about Halo. The gameplay looks like cod? What? Lol please

Halo has absolutely shat on any other console exclusive FPS. The haters can't handle it.

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BallsEye1135d ago

60 fps makes HUGE difference. Play a bit of Halo 4 in 60 fps and then play destiny. Eventho Destiny on screenshots look better, it will feel like graphics are much worse, once you compare both games running side by side. You'll never want to go back. I rather have my games look and feel better when I actually play them, not when I post still shots on forums.

otherZinc1134d ago

Halo 5 will be 1080p 60fps.

The Halo Series is my favorite gaming series ever. However, I'm extremely disappointed with the omission of Splitscreen Campaign Co-op. I feel for the families that can't buy 2 XBOX ONEs to continue the Campaign Co-op, that's my favorite portion of Halo, it's Campaign.

I'll avoid this by buying my daughter an XBOX ONE, I was buying her one anyway. Yet, I'm disappointed for those that cant.

I may buy her the Forza Motorsport 6 XBOX ONE, she likes blue.

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FallenAngel19841135d ago

Split screen was a very popular element of the Halo franchise

Halo2ODST21135d ago

Yet they casually abandon it?? Why ... for frame rate, i for one have always been content with 30 fps, why because as long as the gameplay & features are fun at a decent fps of 30 then great no problem

Activemessiah1135d ago

Mario Kart 8 single player is 60fps but 30fps when splitscreen... Don't see why that couldn't be done the same way here.

Ko_Uraki1135d ago

I am confident that Halo 5 will deliver a great experience

Nosred1135d ago

EuroSony, think a biased site, always trying denegreir the image od Xbox and Ms but when Sony does things wrong it is softening the blame.

Nosred1135d ago


I said a lie?

Eurogamer is very biased when talking about MS, please see their news are always putting the ps4 as a perfect consiole without mistakes, even being criticized by other sites, unlike when they speak of Ms xbox and always trying to demean it with news articles and partial .

nucky641135d ago

nosred, eurogamer has a burr up their butt when they talk about any format.....they don't favor anyone - you need to be more informed.

Nosred1135d ago


You are blind and do not want to see the truth, not only Eurogame but possesses several sites drafters of sony fanboys, always criticizing Ms regardless of whether what she does and good, an example of this was the BC which has been criticized, but support remaster last year with full price.

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siphil1135d ago

no split screen has changed halo 5 from a day 1 purchase to something ill pick up when the price drops. played all the other games with my son he'll be gutted we can do the same with 1.

Halo2ODST21135d ago

This will actually be the first Halo game I won't buy, it's ashame after being a fan of halo for over a decade 343 has pushed veterans such as myself away from halo.

Mikefizzled1135d ago

What is this? Backstory? GET THIS OUT OF MY GAME.

I hate it when 343 tell more story in one game then what Bungie did in 10 years.

WellyUK1135d ago

Pushed? or cant deal with change?...

Outthink_The_Room1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

You mean a feature, that's pretty much died the last 6-7 years, aside from a handful of games.

My god, a feature gets cut and everyone throws a tantrum. And it was a feature that literally didn't get much play considering the work that needs to go into it.

Man, gamers will literally find every fault in a game to complain. Split-screen is dead and all the complaining and whiny enthusiasts can't accept that.

I don't even like Halo, I actually don't like Sci-Fi in general, but good lord. You make it seem like they abandoned the most important aspect of gameplay for the entirety of Halo.

If Split-screen in games is THAT IMPORTANT to you, I can't even fathom how little your library of games must be.

TotalSynthesisX1135d ago

Then why are you here? I see you on every Halo article bitching and moaning about every arbitrary design decision of this game, constantly reiterating "I won't buy this game because reasons". Fine, don't buy it. As a matter of fact, I *encourage* you not to buy it. There. Now you don't have to waste time telling everyone how BIG of a Halo fan you are and how sad you are that split-screen isn't in and how Bungie are the messiah and 343i is trash in every way imaginable, what with giving us a collection of 4 Halo games for the price of one (and instead of simply apologizing for the crappy launch, they give us a whole other game to add to the collection FREE of charge), bringing back Arena while giving the Spartans new abilities to add a new layer of technicality, designing a new gametype (Warzone) that Halo fans have wanted for years, giving us a robust story featuring lore from the books and other media, and giving us FREE DLC to top it all off. HEAVEN FORBID they take out split-screen though, because that's more important than innovation, right?

If you're actually boycotting the game because of such a single, stupid reason, then you have severely unbalanced priorities.

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MasterCornholio1135d ago

If they promised 60FPS then they have to deliver a solid 60FPS. If they need to make concessions to achieve that then that's what they need to do.

I rather have them maintain their promise than break it. I'm sure many will agree with me.

abradley1135d ago

See the difference is not about breaking promises. If a dev thinks something is not doable or should be changed due to fan feedback, why should that be shunned because of BREAKING A PROMISE.

This is the problem we have with politics. Nobody wants to admit when their wrong and so choose to carry on supporting stupid things that originated from ignorance.