OXM: Quantum of Solace Preview

Garrett Young knows what you're going to ask first. As the executive producer on Activision's first 007 game, he understands that everyone's wondering if his team can put together the first decent Bond game since the franchise began its post-GoldenEye descent. "It's a fresh start for us and for the movies," Young offers.

"It's no longer Pierce Brosnan, no longer that style with the jokes and the ice castles. Bond is now closer to the danger that he was written with by Ian Fleming. [Quantum of Solace] is the launch of a franchise, and we're taking a different spin on it."

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Ben10543643d ago

they sorta killed it with this Daniel Craig - NO gadgets approach.
i mean the last bond film only had 1 gadget and that was that machine in his car that brought him back to life (forgot what there called)