Project CARS 2 RallyCross Gameplay Actually Looks Pretty Decent

There's a new racing mode in Project CARS 2 and it's already looking pretty good, although it's still very much a work-in-progress.

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Tedakin1230d ago

Project Cars 2? Didn't 1 just come out?

Nick_The_Slick1230d ago

Yeah, this is a sequel. Typically they are in planning stages of production before the first game even goes gold.

Tedakin1230d ago

Obviously, just odd to start showing sequel stuff so quickly when the first just came out. It's like they barely let the first one breathe.

decrypt1230d ago

They should instead be supporting the first game. Talking about a sequel so early just screams poor support. Seems to be they are after a gold rush, this never ends well.

dumahim1230d ago

they aren't showing footage. Someone with access to daily builds uploaded a video and didn't make it private. They're not supposed to be showing anything for now.
It seems someone got to the uploader and let him know.

Skate-AK1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Yeah, about 2 months ago. They already announced PC2 and are crowd funding again.

Nick_The_Slick1230d ago

Sorry, but with Fotza 6 coming soon, I find it very hard to care about any other racing game..

Qrphe1230d ago

You didn't find it hard to care enough to comment on an article of another game though

roguedragon11229d ago

Glad there doing pc2 but for the love of God sort out the handling.