Sega Registers Dawn Of War 3 Domain, Will It Happen ?

A Reddit post, by xblood_raven, shows that Sega has registered a new domain, The last time we saw any Dawn of War game was in 2009 which was Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 so a near Dawn of War 3 is highly likely and this domain register gives us a bit of hope.

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Mostafeto808d ago

I would love another Dawn of war game since the last one was nearly 6 years ago so I guess now is the best time to do it and on consoles would be great

kratoz1209807d ago

Just add keyboard and mouse support

abradley807d ago

As long as it has base building, I'm happy!

Raf1k1807d ago

I missed that in DoW2.

abradley807d ago

Yeah I know. I never really got into DOW2 because I missed the larger scaled battles.

killbillvolume12807d ago

I would love to see this happen but go back to Dawn of War 1 Style. I could not get into 2....

GiroSoul807d ago

Dark Crusade was one of my favorite RTS of all time followed by CoH, would love to have another dawn of war game :)

killbillvolume12807d ago

Dark Crusade was amazing imo so many races and just so so fun. Thats why part of me is hoping total war warhammer is going to be good and this dawn of war 3 is based on 1 and not 2.

Evil_Ghosty807d ago

Dark Crusade was amazing, hopefully this steps up also. With DoW2, it was different but I still really enjoyed it. The Destroyer 40k Mod is a MUST have for DoW2. Blows my mind.

FallenAngel1984807d ago

SEGA should release another installment in the SEGA All-Stars franchise

Mikefizzled807d ago

Dawn of War 3: the F2P mobile city builder. Since the market doesn't already have enough of them.