Bloodborne Creator Says It’s “Very Difficult” to Make Conventional Stories Appealing in Video Games

"Bloodborne and Souls games creator Hidetaka Miyazaki loves telling non-conventional stories through video games. However, he says he respects any conventional story told well because that’s something “very difficult” to achieve. During an interview with GamesMaster magazine, Miyazaki was asked if he’d ever tell a “straight” story in video games, to which he said:"

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Thatguy-3101254d ago

That's the reason games like the last of us are held up so high. It's difficult but the experience is amazing when it's executed.

Rimeskeem1254d ago

I've always found appealing stories in video games more fun and interesting then only online games.

Aloy-Boyfriend1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite are both great examples of stories executed well. Naughty Dog, in particular, are blessed with good writers. They merged the gameplay and the story seamlessy. That is what TLOU haters can't understand its overwhelming success. I can't think of a game that ever did it like that.

From start to finish you are engaged with the brutal gameplay and the story being told at every corner. From the dialogs to the fights to the surroundings, it was a great execution in storytelling and something thay always kept me interested and engaged. Man I still remember the giraffes part. Dem feels!

camel_toad1254d ago

Yeh every encounter in TLoU felt like it was part of the story as compared to a lot of other games where it's usually 1. Bit of story 2. Fight waves of enemies 3. More story.

Just so good at making everything feel tied together.

Corristo1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I like the way how the story was telled in bloodborne - in this game it makes perfect sense - because it kept the game itself to be a secret.

Games like Batman, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy and so on would not work like that. They need a cinematic story telling imo - because the palyer awaits entertainment by "small movies".

The next game which could work with the story telling style of Bloodborne could be The Last Guardian. A Game where you ahve explore and understand what you see and hear. The Game itself is a mystry - I would like that.

g-nome1254d ago

Yip , don't make movies from games , don't make games from movies , just make games that play well.