Xbox One Needs Complete Rebranding

Currently the Xbox One has taken a backseat to the PS4 ins terms of sales and popularity. This is not just in the USA but in the UK and anywhere else the console is sold. The PS4 is dominating the Xbox One and Microsoft can’t seem to keep up despite frequent retailer promotions for free games, trade-in deals and aggressive bundling. So what does it take to dethrone the PS4, if at all possible?

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nicksetzer11137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I think the Xbox one is fine, it just isn't doing as well as PS4. Hardly a concern as PS4 is the on par to outsell the PS2. Xbox one is still selling very well and producing great content, and honestly the Xbox brand is becoming stronger than ever with it's recent leadership changes and the choices that came due to it.

I think people put too much emphasis on being #1, if every product had to be the best selling some of the best products ever made would not exist. Meeting sales goals is certainly important, but being #1 is far from it. In fact, in this case I would say being second has made the Xbox a better console than it would have been otherwise.

Rimeskeem1137d ago

They are both great systems with great games on them and coming.

Yi-Long1136d ago

In this case it's 'important' to be number 1, because there's sucha huge overlap when it comes to big AAA third party titles on both systems, and obviously when all your friends buy a PS4 and all their games for THAT system, that will also kinda push you towards that system, cause you will want to play online with your friends.

I think for many people the PS4 has been their first choice, so now Microsoft has to convince people that their XBO is still worth owning even if you have a PS4 already, as a 2nd console NEXT to your PS4.

And the way to entice those gamers to your platform, is obviously offering great exclusives, a great online experience, and being very competitive when it comes to pricing and attractive bundles.

As a PS4 owner, I really won't be seduced into buying an XBO when they offer a Call of Duty bundle, or an Assassin's Creed bundle, because obviously when I want those games, I'll buy them for PS4. So Microsoft will have to release bundles with exclusives, which they already do with Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 6.

Here in Europe, the bundles, while similar, haven't been priced as attractively as the offers I've seen for the USA, with free store-credit, free extra game of choice, extra controller, etc etc.

I'd like to see them try a little harder here in Europe as well. XBO certainly has some great games exclusively to the system, so they've got my attention... but now they need to go ahead and really pitch a sale that I can't refuse.

Docknoss1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

You are right but with backwards compatibility, Windows 10, Mods, MS growing exclusives library. I Think that will sway things in MS's favor.

Yi-Long1136d ago

@Docknoss, yeah, MS has made big positive steps since the original announcements and launch, and the XBO is looking more and more interesting.

They're heading back into the right direction, which is good news for everyone, cause even those who might not be interested in the XBO, can't deny that competitioon is a good thing, cause it will ensure both parties will keep working hard to earn our money... :)

Crimzon1136d ago


Competition is great, yeah. I'm hoping that Microsoft does something major like making online multiplayer free on their console. It would be great to see something like that because it would put the pressure on Sony to make online multiplayer free again, rather than keeping it locked behind the PS+ paywall.

NukaCola1136d ago

Xbox One got rebranded with Phil Spencer and things aregetting better.

4Sh0w1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

@nicksetzer1, Well said.

Im glad ps4 is doing so well but sales don't change what I like personally and MOST of what I like is on Xbox One. I think xbox brand has more of the AAA type game Im interested in, I prefer X1 controller, X1 does better with console features, and I like how the exclusives tend to have a longevity & community focus with online or co-op= the social aspect is big to me because my friends have always been a huge part of my gaming experience, these days they are spread out all over the country and microsoft has always been stronger especially in the online area, although I love a great SP game extending a game with co-op and online is important to me so basically theses are the reasons I prefer X1 over ps4.

So X1 IS doing very well, sales are better than 360 in the same timeframe, ps4 has the more popular name brand, but again I preferred Samsung Galaxy phones from the begining even though iPhone has essentially always been more popular, prefer Bose vs Beats, prefer my premium Dell laptop vs a Mac, prefer console gaming vs pc, prefer Halo vs No just like X1 none of the above needs to be #1, if they were then great but X1 has sold plenty to warrant 3rd party support and as we saw recently at E3 no doubt with micros deep pockets they'll continue to get their fair share of 3rd party exclsusives along with in house stuff. Im not knocking ps4 but I truly feel like Im getting a better experince with X1, I care not which is more popular with the masses, sure micro would love to be in sonys sales position but Im a gamer, I just play the games. If any thing I thank Sony for making. Microsoft come back to their roots off the end of last gen when 360 was too Kinect focused, after ps2 I prefered Xnox because of its more hardcore games and online focus so its good to see them delivering in those areas= that may not be more popular than mostly SP games, becoming an indie fav and having lots of jrpg's and niche japanese games nut thats OK like I said *personally I prefer what micro is doing, regardless if its mot as popular.

CartBlanche1136d ago

@Docknoss unfortunately backwards compatibility will count for very little and will only help Microsoft in the regions where they dominated with the Xbox 360, namely US and UK. Everywhere else the gamers have voted with their wallets and and bought PS4s. Also the sales spike due to BC will be short lived as Microsoft release exclusives and new multiplats on the Xbox One
As for Windows 10, this is the only thing that could turn their fortunes around. But this will largely depend on whether Windows 10 Universal ganes will be able to run on the game partition, rather than the app partition. On the games partition they get more CPU, GPU etc.
I'm not sure it will be enough. At current world wide sales rates the PS4 will be at 27-28 million units by the end of the year, while Xbox One will be 14-15 million. Time will tell if my predictions turn out to be true.

freshslicepizza1136d ago

the xbox used to have an image problem, it was the dudebro shooter system but that has slowly evaporated and only the trolls keep up the antics calling it that. the line-up of genres is a lot more diversified now. the one big omission is of course jrpg's because of the lack of sales in japan which brings me to the real image problem microsoft still has.

that is it's still viewed as an american system because that is where they spend most of their marketing on. this also goes for xbox live and the services surrounding it. a company like nintendo created a worldwide brand with games like mario, zelda and metroid. sony has done the same because even though they are a japanese company their ip's cater to everyone. microsoft is trying to do that but their history did not start off that way so their image is still stained in many markets.

what microsoft is doing now more so is what they should have done many years ago. invest in their own ip's. signing deals for timed exclusives does not create your own brand or image. studios like rare are finally starting to get life back into them.

this all takes time and i thought they made a mistake not coming out with a totally new slim model. microsoft managed to get past the rrod fiasco with a brand new system and they should have done the same thing with the xbox one. come out with a $299 slim model and focus on the commitment of new games.

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Eonjay1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Of course it doesn't need to. The question is can it overtake the PS4? Is is actually possible and if so what earthly mechanism would Microsoft employ?

"I think people put too much emphasis on being #1"

In before someone mentions that Phil Spencer is in it to win it. His desire (and please don't put words in his mouth) is to be number 1 so if you want to start pointing fingers... start with him.

nicksetzer11136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

"In before someone mentions that Phil Spencer is in it to win it."

Shouldn't phil spencer want to be #1? (he said he wants to "win" btw not have the most sales, those 2 things aren't exclusive to each other) That is his job, to ensure that the brand is successful. The real question is why you think that The head of Xbox wanting to win someone is means it affects fans in the same way? Also do you expect him as the head of Xbox to say "no, we like second place, we don't really want to do any better than that?"

Why is it that you seem to care so much who is number one? Are you making money on the sales? Are you a platform holder? Are games more fun for you if the console you are playing on is #1? You seem to just be searching for something to justify your unnecessary obsession with who is #1. Sadly, marketing people for the console in question is hardly a good excuse.

The quote in question:
"At some level, it is a competition, and I've said before I want to win"

EDIT: @eon "Don't deflect his comments on to me. We both know that being second place is the very best they can achieve."

Umm, you are the one who brought the comment up and used it to support your lackadaisical agenda. Just because you keep saying "don't blame me [for saying what I am saying and using this quote out of context to support my agenda.]" doesn't mean there is no grounds to blame you. You clearly just want to say whatever you want without taking any responsibility for what you sat.

No Way1136d ago

I don't know if there is a certain quote you are referring to; and without the knowledge, I just wanna say that being number 1 could mean so many different things.. Besides, who doesn't want to be #1? It's a goal but not the end of the world, if they don't acheieve that.

They'll (most likely) always be behind, just because of Japan.

Eonjay1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


Don't deflect his comments on to me. We both know that being second place is the very best they can achieve.

I don't care who wins number one and even if I did it wouldn't matter. Sony is still going to win. I take issue with you claiming that people are obsessed when it is very clear that Phil isn't stupid and he knows he can't win. Aiming to deliver the best experience possible is the most he can do.

And no. He is never supposed to admit it but we can deal with reality and move on.

Do not deflect your worries about the Xbox One on me. I don't care either way.

@No Way

"Besides, who doesn't want to be #1?"

Exactly. Thank you. according to op, Xbox is above this.

Crimzon1136d ago

I dunno, but everybody thought PS3 was doomed for years after it launched, but it gradually closed the gap and eventually managed to overtake the Xbox 360 as the generation closed, so anything is possible really. It's also worth noting that the PS3 was in a worse situation than the Xbox One is right now. At the end of the day, anything could happen.

DLConspiracy1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Pretty sure he was referring to consumers and gamers not the corporations and businesses.

It's still a business at the end of the day. Sales make businesses run. That goes for MS and Sony. They understand in order to be sucess full they have to make the customer happy. That's them. Thats business. So yes it's important.

However, is it really important that a consumer feels the need for there to only be 1? Does it have to be #1? Last gen Sony got taken down a peg and learned to walk and lead everyone into the PS4. Which is doing well. Now MS is getting taken down a Peg this gen and may end up doing well for itself by the end too. Who knows what may happen by next gen.

Eonjay1136d ago


You are trying too hard.

The truth is that you do care. I know you do. And so does Phil. So when you say everyone is obsessed with sales, you have to point that finger at everyone. So then, the on topic response would be whether a re-branding is necessary to beat the PS4 as Phil claimed he wanted to do.

Rookie_Monster1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


"His desire (and please don't put words in his mouth) is to be number 1 so if you want to start pointing fingers... start with him."

LoL, looks like you are the one trying to put BS in his mouth.

Please do some research before making up quotes by Lord Spencer.

Here is the exact quote from Phil when ask about winning the console war by IGN.

"Making sure we have as many Xbox and Xbox Live users engaged as we can is critical to our success both for our gamers, because it allows for more content to be created in the ecosystem as well as just giving you games to play and friends to play with. so having as much success with Xbox one and Xbox live, including the work on Windows 10 is definitely critical to us. It's the 100 focus of the team.

That said, I'll definitely DEFINE WINNING ON OUR OWN MATRIC and I won't let the press define what winning means or competition defining what winning means. I say – we're delivering a great exclusive games for Xbox one customers.

There's a win in just delighting your fans and customers and growing that base." END QUOTE

So, Does that still sound like Phil is saying what you are saying about pertaining of being #1?

I don't get it with some of you PS guys here. All you do is make up stuff to prove a point and will argue to no end to defend your stance even when evidence is staring you guys right in your faces. Just unbelievable.

nicksetzer11136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

"The truth is that you do care. I know you do. And so does Phil. So when you say everyone is obsessed with sales, you have to point that finger at everyone."

Yea, that is it, it surely doesn't have anything to do with you coming in and misquoting people to push an agenda that position does matter. Trying to start an argument but then instantly claiming that you take no responsibilities for your comment.

None of that, I just am a liar and you are a model citizen. I find it hilarious that when you realize people see your BS you turn around and place insults and try to degrade the person who doesn't agree. You know rather than make any real argument, you just make inflammatory comments and try to project images upon others to take the interest off of your actions. Sadly, you and many use this method far too often and others on here fall for it. You trying to tell me what I actually feel though, that is just a farce.

Also, when exactly did I say that "everyone" is "obsessed" with sales in this article? I surely don't remember it. So if I do ever say that maybe I will take your advice. However, even if I did say that, you have such a weak argument. You think that if someone voices something they don't believe/care that they actually do believe/care just because you say so? that is just ridiculous.

Eonjay1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


Your are right I don't have an agenda. But at the same time. the fake bravado does not impress me. You support your platform by deflecting making others out to be a villain. Read your OP.

Thats not necessary. No one is out to get the Xbox. Its just lame. I prefer full blown aggression to passive aggression.

I personally believe that the Xbox doesn't need a re-branding because its playing to its core and thats the most important in my eyes.


You are reading the wrong quote. I can't properly reply to you because your comment isn't relevant.

Rookie_Monster1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


You can't reply because you have no more lies to say or have any other Phil quote to post. LOL
It is just that simple.

And my quote about Phil talking about the meaning of winning a console war according to him is irrelevant when you are talking about the exact same thing?.

LOL, just admit you got busted and is trying to come up with damage control. It is OK, everyone made mistakes. :)

Eonjay1136d ago


"I want to win this generation"

Which is completely natural for him to want. And as you can imagine, anyone leading anything should want it to be as successful as possible.

Therefore, it is relevant to ask if Microsoft needs to re-brand itself in order to win. Its not just about people being obsessed with sales, its about Phil and other Microsoft execs wanting the best for the brand.

Rookie_Monster1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


that quote from Phil states he "wants to win this generation" is not the entire story and what he meant by winning.

Here is the complete quote from that gameinformer arricle:

"At some level, it is a competition, and I've said before I want to win," Spencer tells us. "At the same time, I want to build a great platform for gamers. If somebody else does that to, and they do really well? Hats off to them, but I CAN HAVE SUCCESS in our own space if we're selling a lot of consoles and people are buying games."

Which Phil reiterated on the IGN article.

The IGN article clearly states what he meant by wanting to win. "I'll definitely DEFINE WINNING ON OUR OWN MATRIC and I won't let the press define what winning means"

There you have it. Case closed.

Bigpappy1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

@Eonjay: Give up on this one. It is okay to be wrong sometime and you are just wrong this time. Rookie_Monster proved you made an incorrect assumption.

I would say that you are normally level headed, but this time you tried to spit in the face of nicksetzer1 and other Xbox owners by saying that secretly we are some how hurting that Xbox is not outselling PS4. That is just flaming. It would be nice to have Xbox outselling PS4. But the Xbox is doing very well and if you are a person who buys a console to play great games on a system that gives you that great comfort and experience while playing those games, you would find that on Xbox. If you are vested in some console war and just wont the most popular console, than you may be disappointed.

I really DO NOT care how many consoles PS4 sells. That is great for Sony. I don't which ban on Sony because I choose to own Xbox. You would never read anything I post saying I wish bad for Sony. I might point out flaws when you guys claim there are none, or try to overhype what I see as mediocrity.

These opinion pieces are written to gin up emotions and the writers can watch their submissions get hot on N4G. So many time I see people get caught up in them and end up revealing their true motives. Yours came shining though here.

miyamoto1136d ago

The only console rebranding that I know that worked wonders is the change from PlayStation 3 to PS3.
And the rest is history with the PS3 surpassing the Xbox 360 by millions.

Rebranding can work wonders to Xbox One too if done right.

strike1011136d ago

It's gonna be hard to overtake PS4 with that big gap in unit sold

they need to catchup and lessen the gap by the end of 2015

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1136d ago Replies(2)
3-4-51136d ago

* You don't re-brand Xbox, they've been building that brand since the late 90's.

miyamoto1136d ago

So by "fine" you mean you like the way things are today in relation to the PS4?

XanderZane1136d ago

I completely agree. Was anyone talking about rebranding when the Wii was destroying the XBox 360 and PS3 in sales last gen? Nope. No one really even cared that the Wii was #1, as both the XBox 360 and PS3 were still selling very well and have sold well over 83 million units each now. I think Microsoft needs to do some better marketing, but I would change the color "GREEN" that represents it. I see think they need to lower the price more in the markets where it's not selling well and also produce some exclusive games that will cater to those markets.

Zeref1136d ago

Honestly if Sony keeps this up they are going to fall on their butt sooner or later.

Not approving EA Access.
No BackWards Compatibility and the PSN Now fiasco.
PS Vita doing terrible.
No big exclusives this holiday.

Sooner or later Xbox is going to catch up. I already know the winner of this Holiday season. Lets see what happens next year.

Xb1ps41136d ago

Xb1is doing fine and having both consoles I prefer my xb1 but still love my ps4, I think it's certain gamers like the person that wrote this opinion needs rebranding..

yarbie10001136d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheGreyest1136d ago

You think people are putting too much emphasis on being #1? The main people that were doing it was Microsoft themselves. Like how Phil Spencer changed his message that he didn't care about a console war, to how he wanted to win. Now the Xbox division's revenue is down every quarter due to these over-aggressive methods of selling the console.

Rebranding isn't going to do anything but "trick" people into thinking they're dealing with a different product. If they do another gaming console, maybe it's time to drop the Xbox moniker altogether.

otherZinc1136d ago Show
Blachek1136d ago

I agree that a huge emphasis is placed on being number 1 in console wars and, despite many fanboys out there, Nintendo appears to be doing quite well for generally always being overlooked... but I think the industry standard for top of mind awareness doesn't apply. Being in the top 3 of any category is great when it isn't a 3 horse race.

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Lennoxb631137d ago

Xbox One doesn't need any of the suggestions that people on this site are writing about. Its doing fine with what its doing now. If you didn't like Xbox before the Xbox One came out, then its a good indication that you won't like it now. So people need to stop saying it needs this and that when they clearly had/have no intentions of purchasing one anyway.

Sm00thop1136d ago

Agree with what you say, the people constantly bashing Xbox don't intend on ever owning one because they're loyal to a brand. Everyone I know that owns an Xbox are more than happy with it.

SonyAddict1136d ago

I bought an xbox 1 and I'm disappointed with it...buyers remorse. .

TheRedButterfly1136d ago


With a username like that, I wouldn't expect anything less out of you. GG.

Alex_Boro1136d ago

Even if the Xbox One isn't selling as well as the PS4 it's doing fine. The Wii U needs a rebranding

Zeref1136d ago

Its called Nintendo NX

BattleAxe1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Xbox has three heavy hitting exclusives coming out this holiday season, and when you combine that with backwards compatibility, this Christmas is going to be a big winner for the Xbox brand.

SkippyPaccino1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I wouldn't say "three heavy hitting exclusives"... I would say one for sure (Halo) one OK exclusive (forza isn't that much of a seller) and tomb raider is a medium size exclusive (I think personally that it will do poorly, since it's releasing at the same time as Fallout 4 and is also sandwich between COD and Battlefront. Don't get me wrong, I believe it will be a good game, but I think people will spend their gaming money elsewhere (Halo, COD, fallout, battlefront etc))

I think people are overselling this "big xbox exclusives this fall" Halo will do just fine, but Forza will sell average like it always does and Tomb Raider will get buried buy the likes of Cod, fallout and battlefront.

Backwards compatibility is a great feature that will not reach its full potential in time for people to care. It's going to be used as a pr spin more than anything... I've already made the jump to next Gen and I've already accumulated a backlog of games and it's going to get bigger this Christmas. When I have time to game it's new stuff. I barely have time for the new stuff that going back to play old games is vary far down my to do list. (plus I keep all my old consoles anyways)

I believe Microsoft will have a good Christmas season, but all it takes for Sony to match them is have good bundles and a "cheaper holiday price"...

Automatic791136d ago

@ Skippy

"I would say one for sure (Halo) one OK exclusive (forza isn't that much of a seller) and tomb raider is a medium size exclusive (I think personally that it will do poorly, since it's releasing at the same time as Fallout 4 and is also sandwich between COD and Battlefront"

According to your logic then each and every game coming out this holiday will do poorly since they are all releasing around each other. Smh

SkippyPaccino1136d ago


Nope, I'm not saying that. What I was trying to convey was that not everyone is able to buy 4 to 5 games in a 1 month period and I believe that the average gamer buys around 2 to 3 games top during a holiday season and from those 2 to 3 games I believe most will chose "Halo, COD, Fallout, Madden, Fifa, Battlefront" before they pick up a copy of Tomb Raider.
I'm in no way saying Tomb Raider will be a bad game, I believe that it has the potential to be a great game but, it's not the "heavy hitter" that, battle axe is referring to. It's a medium size exclusive releasing in the jungle that is the holiday season. The original reboot released early in the year and did fairly well because it had barely any competition. Now fast-forward to this year and the fact that it's releasing on the same day as one of the most anticipated games in years and sandwich between a real heavy hitter Cod (I'm not a big fan of cod, but I'm not oblivious to its popularity) & another highly anticipated game that's also tied to a major movie release in Battlefront.

No matter the disagrees I get, the points I'm bringing up are logical and non threatening to a logical thinker. I'm not wanting Tomb Raider to do poorly (I'm actually hoping it those well so they can continue with it) I'm just a logical thinker that believes it's allot for that game to overcome, especially with other so called "heavy hitter" Microsoft exclusive that sold poorly this console generation.

I believe a delay would have a much bigger impact (say early 2016) on this game. Instead Microsoft needs that PR spin for the holiday season.

FoxyGotGame1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I disagree. Xbox One now has what it needed from the start ....good leadership. Phil Spencer has done wonders to turn things around. He's done a good enough job on a consumer level, that I'm going to purchase X1 when Quantum Break releases. That's something I may not have considered this time last year. Already own PS4 and feel like Shuei Yoshida & Phil Spencer seem to have their respective brands interest at heart.