Unreal Engine 4 Gets Lovely Fan-Made Real-Time Tech Demo

MARZA ANIMATION PLANET has released a video, showing an incredible real-time tech demo for Unreal Engine 4.

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oasdada1178d ago

i normally didnt used to like unreal engine but damn its getting better and better

Timesplitter141178d ago

UE3 had some pretty nasty bloom that was in almost all ue3 games but UE4 is just amazing visually

DevilOgreFish1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Indeed UE4 is much different than all the engines before. with the right artist it can look amazing. The engine also supports lots of new features and will soon support DX12. UE4 can also be used to make movies, it has features for it.

specialguest1178d ago

The team that made this is very talented. Someone needs to hire them for some outsourced video game work.

1178d ago
ssj271178d ago

idk why but Mario came into my mind.. imagine mario with this visuals that will maybe make me buy a nintendo againg

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